Durable Gas Cookers in Nigeria You Should Consider Buying.

Durable Gas Cookers in Nigeria You Should Consider Buying.

It’s quite impressive how Africans, especially Nigerians, have embraced the use of more sophisticated appliances for cooking. In recent times, hardly will you walk into a home where they still cook their meals using firewood or a tiny kerosine stove. Gas cookers are now extremely popular. For the purpose of this article we’ll be picking out some durable gas cookers in Nigeria you can consider buying.

Scanfrost Gas Cooker 

This is one of the most common and durable gas cookers in Nigeria. Scanfrost has been providing a smooth cooking experience for its customers for over 35 years and counting. This goes to show that they obviously must have gotten it right. Some of the notable features of their cookers include the clean and sleek finishing, glass insulated door, oven lamp and tray,  wire cable, stainless steel top, pot grid, and more. If you’ll love to get a Scanfrost gas cooker you should be willing to spend between ₦17,000 and above. Some of the available models of this awesome gas cooker brand are SFTC2002, SFCK5402, SFCK5400, SFCK6222, SFC5312, and a host of others.

Maxi Gas Cooker

Although they haven’t been in the market for so long, Maxi Nigeria does a great job of manufacturing gas cookers and other electronics of high quality. This particular gas cooker makes provision for those who do very little cooking. They have a one-burner tabletop gas cooker as well as other gas cookers with four to eight burners and electricity-powered burners. Users of Maxi gas cookers say the product is highly reliable, safe, and easy to use as well as maintain. Since this brand’s gas cooker is very durable you get to save cost in the long run as you do not need to spend money on repairs or replacement. Every Maxi gas cooker also comes with one year warranty so ensure you purchase this product from a trusted and registered distributor. Buy a Maxi gas cooker 6060 with three gas burners and one electrical plate from SellOff.ng.


This brand is on a mission to supply affordable, durable, and quality products that help people live with style. With a Nexus gas cooker in your kitchen be sure to cook with ease and clean up in no time. This product is available in black, red, silver, stainless steel finish, white, and wood finish; meaning there are so many options to choose from. Note that you’ll enjoy this product better in a spacious kitchen.


Without any doubt, Polystar has very creative and unique gas cooker designs which can contribute to the beauty of your kitchen. They also have both tabletop and standing gas cookers of various sizes as some even come with an in-built gas knob. Some of the notable features you are likely to find depending on which type of Polystar gas cooker you buy includes auto ignition, heavy cast iron pan support, removable tempered glass cover, oven grill, and they come in different colours.

Sonik Gas Cooker

This is surely making its way into our list of durable gas cookers in Nigeria. In fact, we can say that their tabletop cookers are a lot more popular than the standing type. With about ₦5,000 you can get a two-burner tabletop cooker for your kitchen. It’s also very easy to clean and produces even blue flame that cooks meals in very quickly.

Getting durable gas cookers in Nigeria do not really cost a fortune. Let’s face it; you can get a budget-friendly one depending on the size, the number of burners, and structure (whether tabletop or the standing type which also has an oven). Of course, the standing oven is likely to cost a lot more but with at least ₦55,000 you can still get a good buy. The good thing about standing gas cookers is that most of them have electric plates to help conserve gas whenever there is power supply. Would you love to get one of the durable gas cookers in Nigeria or any other kitchen appliance? SellOff.ng is your one-stop-shop.