A Guide to Buying the Right Used Furniture and Electronics for Your Home.

A Guide to Buying the Right Used Furniture and Electronics for Your Home.

Furniture and electronics are items with a high resell value which you should take advantage of to save more money to get things that need to be bought as new. However, we cannot deny that buying used items involves a lot more risk than acquiring new ones; this is why it is essential to be armed with the right information to guide your buying decision when it relates to used items. Follow this guide the next time you wish to buy used furniture and electronics.


When it comes to used furniture and electronics, they all have grades, and some are more durable than others. For instance, the software or features of some electronics are constantly updated while some simply have batteries or mechanical features that can quickly wear out. It is important to do proper research before buying any used item at all. Read all you can find about the product to know its resell value and don't forget to read reviews to know what other users are saying about the product.

Return Policy

Don't automatically assume that there will be a return policy on a product, or that it will be in favour of you, the buyer. Therefore, you need to ask questions about what return/refund policy and customer protection are in place. All of these are to protect you from substandard products and fraudulent sellers.

Warranty on Items

Just like the return policy, making assumptions on a product's guarantee is quite risky. For used furniture, there might not be a need for a warranty, but a reasonable warranty period is very essential for purchased electronics.  

Read the Product Description

Used items usually come with a description that lists out all the specifications and necessary information about the product. You should not only read the description but also be familiar with specific terms that are usually used in relations to the item. For example, refurbished and reconditioned are two different terms that could get you confused if you aren't familiar with them. Refurbished items may be almost "new" or worked on by the manufacturer while reconditioned means the product was worked on by the previous owner. It is safer to buy refurbished items rather than reconditioned ones.

Test the Product

Even though most reputable organisations are honest, you should also test your products, especially electronics. If you do not have to pay before delivery, you shouldn't; this gives you a chance to see your product and test it before making payment.

Keep Your Receipt Properly

In case you need to return the item, especially for electronics, you will need your receipt and other documents to prove your ownership; so make sure you store them away safely. Waste no more time, buying used furniture and electronics is probably one of the best ways to shop economically.