Top Masterchef Products in Nigeria for Kitchen Use.

Top Masterchef Products in Nigeria for Kitchen Use.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Masterchef has positioned itself as a go-to brand. Just like many people love and stick with brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, and the likes for everything electronics, you can also choose a brand like Masterchef to equip your kitchen with their quality kitchenwares.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of Masterchef products in Nigeria we can all purchase to make our cooking and dining experience pleasurable. Here’s a list of our top ten Masterchef products in Nigeria you should own.

Nonstick Pot Set

What’s a kitchen without pots? This is one of the most essential kitchenware you should acquire when setting up your kitchen. Unlike regular pots in the local markets, nonstick pots are preferable and come in a set of 6, 8, or 10 (inclusive of a frying pan). They are made with a nonstick coating which helps to reduce/eliminate the occurrence of food sticking to the pot during the cooking process making it easy to wash. Their thick gauge aluminium at the bottom of the pot provides even heat distribution and prevents the pot from having hot patches after use. 

The handle of this nonstick pot remains cool even when the pot is blazing hot. With this, you can easily get your pot off the fire without needing a fabric glove and can view your food from the tempered glass as it cooks. So there’s no need to open up the pot frequently to check it’s progress or let out steam since there is a vent for that purpose on the pot lid. To ensure your Masterchef nonstick pot lasts ensure you use only plastic or wooden cooking utensils along with it as metal spoons can scratch out the nonstick coating. 

Electric Blender

Here’s another Masterchef product in Nigeria for kitchen use that is a must-have. Useful for blending vegetables, making fruit smoothies and processing some of your favourite meals. Depending on what you need a blender for as well as your budget you can get either the high-end or the low-end products which are a lot more affordable with less functionality. However, you do not want to go through the stress of manually grinding or chopping your vegetables when an electric blender can do the work in no time and at varying degree of smoothness.

Table Top Gas Cooker

Choosing a tabletop Masterchef gas cooker removes any worries you are likely to have with space and your overall kitchen decoration. Be sure to buy one with the number of burners you need which might be 2 or 4. Masterchef gas cooker if used properly can last for a long time without rusting as they are usually corrosion resistant while others are made of a glass-like top. Also, the blue flames help to cook your food quickly and prevent your pots from having black spots.

Insulated Food Flask

These days you’ll hardly find a food flask that does a great job of keeping food hot for long periods. With a Masterchef insulated food flask, you can retain hot food for at least 24 hours with the help of its vacuum double-wall feature. This food flask is handy for mothers, working-class individuals, and anyone who would rather eat hot meals at any time of the day. As always, they come in different sizes, colours, and design, so pick whichever you prefer.


Masterchef toaster has a nonstick coated plate-like area of varying shapes where you place your bread whenever you wish to enjoy a sandwich meal. Be sure to select your preferred shape and the number of sandwiches your toaster can make at a time. The nonstick coat ensures that your bread doesn’t stick to the machine and is easy to clean up after use.

Electric Kettle

With this low voltage kitchen appliances, you can heat up water in no time for your shower, to prepare your meals or for any other purpose. Masterchef electric kettle is designed to ensure your safety. After heating up your water the exterior, as well as the handle, still remains cool and easy to carry around. It can also retain hot water for a while after power is taken off.

Juice Extractor

A juice extractor squeezes the pulp of the fruit/vegetable until all the fruit is removed. So if you want to enjoy fresh juices on a regular basis without having to deal with taking out the seeds, back, or pulp of the fruit/veggies you should get this Masterchef product. It is very easy to use, assemble, detach, and clean up. 


Heat up your food in minutes with your Masterchef microwave. It’s very easy to clean and has an easy to understand control panel with a turntable in it to ensure that heat gets to every part of your food. There’s really no complication when using this appliance, it also has a large LED digital display area. And like everything else, they come in sizes and have varying functionalities.

Hot Plate

This is one of the Masterchef products in Nigeria for kitchen use that allows you to conserve your gas and cook your meals fast with just electric power. The hot plate is compatible with pots and pans made of aluminium, copper, stainless, and other common materials used in making cookware. Although you need to be careful when using all household appliances and electronics to prevent accidents but rest assured that this appliance doesn’t lead to electric shock when used properly. Depending on your requirement you can get a one burner hot plate or more. 

Deep Fryer

Enjoy your fried foods on a whole new level when they are prepared with a deep fryer. With Masterchef deep fryer be sure that your meals are not soggy instead they’ll remain crunchy and stand alone when taken out of the frier. 

There are a lot more Masterchef products in Nigeria for kitchen use you can purchase. However, those listed here are the essentials to start with as you keep setting up your kitchen to your taste. Make sure you buy them based on the size you need and sometimes you might need to save up to buy items with better functionality rather than settling for low-end products. You can check out our latest kitchen appliances on and start adding to cart.