Major Pros and Cons of a Leather Bed Frame You Should Know.

Major Pros and Cons of a Leather Bed Frame You Should Know.

Leather bed frames are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of their aesthetic value. A lot of people want to step into their bedroom and be delighted by the way their leather bed frame matches with the design of the bedroom or makes the bedroom design stand out even more. Now, you might be considering getting a leather bed frame and wondering if it is the right fit. We have highlighted some of the pros and cons of a leather bed frame to help you make an informed decision.

Check them out below:


Has Aesthetic Value

Like we already mentioned earlier, the main reason leather bed frames are popular today is because they are stylish and sophisticated. There is a form of sophistication that a leather bed frame adds to a room that most people desire. And for many, that is enough to sell them on the idea of leather bed frames. 


A leather bed frame is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Leather is a durable material and as it ages, it can actually look better. Sometimes, certain oils can even be applied to change the tone. So, with a leather bed frame, instead of getting a worn-out bed frame, you will likely get a vintage bed frame if properly maintained. 

Easy to Clean

Leather bed frames are easy to clean. You can get rid of dirt easily by wiping it with a wet cloth or a hand-held vacuum cleaner. And for tougher stains, mild soap is enough to get the job done. 

Available in Different Colours and Styles

When many people hear leather, they immediately think of standard black or brown but leather products are not limited to those two colours. They come in different colour ranges and other colours like white and cream. Between all the arrays of colour pallet ranges at your disposal, you are bound to find one that will suit your bedroom decor. Also, they come in different designs and styles; all you have to do is explore different options with your furniture maker or check the different options provided by the furniture store to find one that works. 


Could Wear Out Without Proper Care

Although leather is a durable material, if not properly maintained, it could damage easily. For instance, you have to be careful when moving it as it can be scratched and damaged by other objects. Also, dry leather is prone to cracks that will make it quickly lose that aesthetic value. So to avoid this, you should occasionally apply conditioning oils and make sure to keep the leather clean. 


One thing that could turn one away from leather bed frames is the cost. Leather is a luxury material, so it doesn’t come cheap -  not if you want real and quality leather. And it is always advisable to go for quality leather if you want to enjoy your purchase.

More Fit for Modern Bedrooms

A leather bed frame does not fit a traditional bedroom decor; it is more fit for a modern bedroom. It could seem out of place if you have a traditional bedroom decor. And on the other hand, if you like brighter colours, you might have a hard time finding a leather bed frame with a bright colour.

Additionally, this might not apply to you if you are not a vegetarian or an animal lover but if you are, you might consider using leather as unethical. 

And that’s it; now that you know the pros and cons of a leather bed frame, you can check out our collection of bed frames here. You could also let us know what other pros and cons of leather bed frame you know; we love to hear from our readers.