Top 10 Items With High Resell Value

Top 10 Items With High Resell Value

In Nigeria, the business of online product resell has recently been a completely aggressive one as more individuals are beginning to embrace e-commerce platforms like ours in a bid to cut down on shopping fatigue and cost. A large number of people desire to have an E-commerce store due to its obvious benefits but they haven’t stopped for a moment to see how they can take advantage of the resell market which is currently high in demand. You can sale best things with high resale value. If your thoughts are pacing around right about now, keep reading to find out the top items with high resell value which you should start selling straight up!


If clothes weren’t so important you won’t be putting on any right now and won’t have invested in getting the clothing high resale value items you possess. As much as humans, especially the female folks want to stay classy, buying those designer fashion items could render one penniless, so why not go for quality used clothes? This is a huge market you should be exploring, and don’t forget to study your target market to discover what sort of clothes, designs, and brands they’ll love to rock. You could also sell other fashion best items to resell including shoes, bags, wrist-watches, t-shirts, jewellery, and more.

Tech Equipment

As the world keeps evolving and the need for digitalization increases, there’s no doubt that many more individuals and corporate bodies will need to own tech equipment as well as update them frequently. Considering how expensive tech devices like computers, phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, monitors, other accessories, are, people now purchase used devices especially those shipped into the country from abroad. Isn’t it funny how one can buy an item then resell it almost immediately just to get the latest one? It happens for real, start meeting the explosive demands of this large market.

Gaming Consoles

This might be unbelievable if you aren’t a game lover because you’ll obviously feel no one cares about games in this fast-paced world. If this is your thought, you need to have a rethink. There is a large market for video games; people want to feel relaxed when they are off work and some have the urge to advance their skills in their favourite game. This makes them thirst for the latest games as soon as they are being released into the market. Since it might cost a fortune to purchase them, they either look for how to sell their old games or buy a fairly used one which they can afford.


If you have a bunch of books you don’t read anymore, someone else might want them for half price or even the same as you bought them, depending on how valuable they feel the book worth. In this era, information is golden and people are ready to pay to acquire more knowledge. Some of the most sought-after books border around topics like money, marriage and relationships, health, lifestyle, food, etc. You can make a lot of money by reselling your books on a platform like; it’s very profitable.

Electronics and Home Appliances

Electronics like televisions, refrigerators, irons, electric cookers, sound systems, video and audio players, and others are highest resale value items on demanded in Nigeria. This can be proven by the number of homes, offices, shops, schools, and recreation centres with at least one electrical appliance. Some top brands in the business of manufacturing these appliances include Samsung, LG, Sony, and more.

Baby Products

Children are born every now and then so the need for baby products keep increasing. These are the top baby items with high resell value you should explore; baby clothes, shoes, socks, bed, toys, and more.

Curtains and Decorations

Everyone desires a well put together home or office, buying the right curtains and decoration sets the tone of your apartment. If you are knowledgeable in the area of interior designs and fittings, it won’t hurt to turn this into a business by selling beautiful curtain materials and advising your customers on best interior design practices.
In conclusion, there are so many creative ways to make money from online resell store like With a little legwork and research on the items withitems that have high resale value of different consumer products, you can make some side cash or even earn enough to help you quit your full-time job and live as freely as you want.