Launches A New Marketplace for Fairly Used Products. Launches A New Marketplace for Fairly Used Products.

The wait is finally over,, a marketplace for fairly used products is Live and ready to take you on a smooth trading ride. Our platform makes provision for both buyers and sellers to experience ease on all grounds when they sell their quality fairly used products, purchase items at incredibly affordable prices, and give or win attractive freebies. Imagine getting all your items sold out in the blink of an eye without the need to set up your own e-commerce store or engage in any tedious marketing activity? Well, you no longer need to imagine when it’s already a reality; so, say hello to Here are a couple of things you need to know about

Top-Notch Security

We guarantee the safety of every user of and strive to achieve zero scam or fraudulent activities. Our platform makes use of 100% Escrow and applies top bank-level security to protect both sellers and buyers. Here is how it works, when a transaction occurs between a buyer and seller, stands as a third-party that collects and regulates payment made for an item. Once a buyer pays for a product, the system notifies the seller that their money is in our possession so they can go ahead with the shipment of the product to the buyer. When the product is received by the buyer, they notify the system that they have received the item in good condition then the system sends the payment to the seller. In a situation where a wrong, defected, or contrary item was sent, the buyer is given a certain number of days to return the product to the seller or settle the issue amicably before the money is either refunded to the buyer or sent to the seller. In a situation where they are unable to agree on the same terms, our dispute resolution team will be available to take up the case.


All users are required to register or log in to their account before making use of, during the initial registration process for Sellers, they are asked to produce some documents as proof of their identity before they can get verified. These documents include a recognised Identity card (Voter’s Card, National Passport, Driver’s License, or National ID card), proof of address, proof of business or company registration (for businesses and corporate bodies), a photograph to proof business or house location. If at any time a buyer decides to start selling on the platform, they will also be asked to provide the above documents. The verification process isn’t in any way complex and our Customer Success Representatives are on standby to give users any assistance they need. 


We provide all-round support for users of our platform from the registration to the checking out stage. If any difficulty is encountered during the use of our platform, users can either send an email to or call +2348143738901 / +2348123972552. From our end, we monitor all activities that take place on and notify users when we suspect a strange action on their account.

Categories has a wide range of items that can be sold on or bought from our platform. They are grouped into categories and sub-categories; the top-level categories are, Computing, Phones and Tablets, Electronics, Fashion Items, Furniture, Appliances, Automobiles, Sporting Equipment and others. Feel free to visit our website to check out all types of used items that can be listed on our platform.


Everyone deserves to stay happy. Our marketplace for fairly used products also provides an opportunity for charitable individuals or organisations to give out quality items they no longer want to people who need them. You can be a giver or receiver of exciting gifts on so stay alert as you could just get lucky.


Promoting an item is a sure way to sell off any item real fast. It is very affordable and doesn’t thread a hole in the Seller’s pocket. Promoting a post has a daily cost of a Hundred Naira (#100) or a monthly cost of Three Thousand Naira (#3 000), you are at liberty to select your preference.


Our rates are the lowest you can find anywhere. Once a user signs up on, they automatically receive Five Hundred Naira (#500) in their wallet which can be used to shop on the platform. No fee is charged for the use of, however, we currently charge 3% commission on all items sold on the platform.

Responsiveness is a responsive platform i.e can be used on all types of devices (desktop, mobile phones and tablet). Our mobile application is also available on Google Play store while the ios version is coming soon so be expectant.

Ensure you read our Terms and Conditions before signing up as a user. is the new e-commerce marketplace for fairly used products. Start buying, selling, giving, or winning giveaway items on the platform, also, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay abreast of all our deals and latest activities.

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