Five Ways to Furnish Your New Home on a Budget.

Five Ways to Furnish Your New Home on a Budget.

It is sometimes said that paying rent or buying a house is not as expensive as furnishing the house - of course, that will depend on how much it took to rent or buy the house. Or maybe it is not so much that it is more expensive but how the cost of getting all the little pieces that make a well-furnished home adds up quickly. Even when you have a budget, by the time you get all the things you think your new home needs, you might have overshot your budget. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case; you can learn to furnish your new home on a budget. And in case, you are wondering if this means decorating your home like a dorm room, here are five ways to furnish your new home on a budget without compromising design or aesthetics. 

Start with a Plan

It is always advisable to start any venture with a plan and you will agree with me that furnishing a home is a serious venture. You shouldn’t just start filling up your space with things without a proper plan. The first thing to do is to make a list of all the pieces you will be buying to furnish your home. This should be based on the size of your home as well as the design you have in mind.

Then you need to categorise needs from wants. While there is nothing wrong with wanting something if you are not on a budget, if you are on a budget, you need to prioritise what you need first. That light fitting or love seat might not be necessary now when you put it side by side, say, a comfortable bed. 
Now, am I saying you should completely do away with your wants? Absolutely not. I am simply saying write them down under a different category and concentrate on getting what you need first. You can always go back to the “needs” list later when you are more buoyant or when you are done getting what you need. After all, furnishing a home doesn’t have a time limit.

Buy Secondhand 

In case you don’t know this yet, vintage pieces are considered fashionable and this is not just true for clothing; it is also true for cars and furniture. Of course, I’m not talking about exclusive pieces but that table from the flea market can be a product from the 18th century that will add character to your home. So, you shouldn’t overlook the beauty you can get from secondhand pieces. Luckily, there are many places you can get secondhand furniture, including, Facebook marketplace,, etc.

However, I will like to add that you shouldn’t buy everything secondhand for sanitary and health purposes. Of course, this also depends on your preference but I will advise you to buy a new mattress, for instance. But as this is solely up to you, you should make a list of the things you are unwilling and willing to buy secondhand, so it makes shopping and looking out for them easier.  

Look for Discounts/Cheaper Options

You are looking for ways to furnish your new home on a budget, so surely, you would want to seek ways to find cheaper options. Like I said earlier, furnishing a home doesn’t have a time limit; you can live in a place for two years and still be furnishing. So, take your time. Look for deals, check different stores for different options before making a decision. You just might find something more affordable or be qualified for a discount.

Look for Freebies

Funny but you should definitely try it. Some people give away their furniture when they move to a new house or after a few years. You can join different communities online or check Facebook marketplace for free items. In fact, sometimes, if you communicate your need, you just might find someone who is willing to give away some furniture piece for free. 

Buy Quality

I know you are on a budget but it will be pound-foolish to buy a cheap item of low quality because you want to save cost. The problem with this is that in your bid to furnish your new home on a budget, you will be spending much more than you should if you have to keep changing things because they damage easily. If you need to overshoot your budget a little to get something quality that you will enjoy for years, then it is a  good financial decision. However, if it is too much, then you might need to exercise a little patience to get a cheaper option. Remember that on no account should you go for a substandard product. 

In conclusion, following these steps to furnish your new home on a budget might not get you the kind of home you see on architectural digest, but it will get you a healthy, sanitary and presentable home, and more importantly, you won’t have to break the bank.