Here's What You Can Do With An Apple Watch Series 3.

Here's What You Can Do With An Apple Watch Series 3.

So you’ve been contemplating getting a smartwatch, but you’re not even sure what brand and product to acquire. We also understand that you are not in for some trial and error game; money doesn’t come that easy which is more reason we want to aid your decision-making process. Before we move any step forward, if you own an iPhone 6s or a more recent product with an iOS 13 or newer, the Apple Watch Series 3 will definitely be a good one for you. Let’s tell you about all the pretty things you can get done with this device and why we think its features are amazing.


The case of Apple Watch Series 3 is available in two colours (silver and space grey); it also has only two sizes. That is, the 42mm and 38mm case sizes; that’s just the perfect screen size for any gender to use. It doesn’t look too big nor small and everything displayed on the screen can be viewed without squinting or straining the eyes. The 42mm case is about 312 by 390 pixels with 740sq mm display area while the 38mm case is 272 by 340 pixels with 563sq mm display area and Retina OLED display and 1000nits brightness. Feel free to choose whichever size suits you the most. The frame of this smartwatch is unbelievably made of aerospace-grade aluminium which gives it strength and reduces the damage likely caused by a fall or other types of accident. Regardless of its strength, the wristwatch is surprisingly light to wear and causes zero pain to your wrist. The band of the watch is detachable, this means you can replace the band and get other colours to make you look really classy.

Features and Functionalities

As a result of all its functionalities, this watch has been given the slogan, ‘Do it all. All from your wrist’. Without exhausting words, all activities which are normally done on your iPhone can be done right on your Apple Watch Series 3. Yea, you read that right. From fitness tracking to making/receiving calls, sending/receiving text and notifications, making payments with Apple Pay, using GPS, unlocking your Macbook, finding your iPhone, tracking your heart rate, and even browsing the internet. This innovative device is truly irresistible and highly valuable for all, especially busy people who need to keep track of several things all at once.

This wristwatch is especially good for individuals with heart conditions as its feature detects unusually high or low heart rates and rhythms then sends you an immediate notification. Well, we think that is a really helpful feature as many people aren’t aware of sudden changes in their heart rhythm which causes complications and other unpleasant realities. The device can also put a call across to your pre-registered emergency contact to alert them when you are in a situation and require urgent help. With the GPS function, you can never get lost in the wild. Get access to the map and immediately locate where you currently are as well as your destination. Apart from all of these, it has the option to connect to your iPhone or Mac computer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and your network service provider. Its in-built speaker and microphone make communication possible and convenient.
To awaken the screen of this highly sensitive device, simply raise up your wrist and that’s it. The light comes on and you can do whatever you need to do right away.

Other Specifications

Apple Watch Series 3 has a 16GB and 8GB storage capacity and is water-resistant to an extent. What we mean by ‘to an extent’, is that the watch’s water resistance is just 50 meters which isn’t so much and the watch could suffer serious damages if submerged into water of deep depth. With this, wearing your watch into a swallow swimming pool won’t cause any negative effect according to the brand’s testimony. Finally, in terms of battery lifespan, expect the battery to rundown according to your usage rate. However, the in-built rechargeable battery is expected to last up to 18 hours. 
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