The Best Types of Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Office Use.

The Best Types of Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Office Use.

Your home and office are two places you most likely spend most of your time weekly and you want them clean at all times. This is why you should invest in getting some of the most efficient cleaning tools such as a vacuum cleaner. Previously, we’ve helped you decide if a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner is right for you, as well as some of the most essential replaceable parts you should take note of. Another very important thing to be aware of are the available types of vacuum cleaner and which you should go for.

The cleaning needs of your office and home are different. How best these needs are met depends solely on the type of vacuum cleaner you buy. Although vacuums are not designed to work for a specific location. All types of vacuum cleaners bear unique functions that can serve you best at home or at work.

For Home Cleaning

The cleaning needs of your home are not the same as any other space. Your needs depend on how many people you accommodate in your home, if you keep pets, and the interior design of your home. Here are some of the best vacuum cleaners that can meet these needs.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum cleaner is a common vacuum cleaner; they come in both bagged and bagless product types. This vacuum cleaner can clean all floor types and rug types. Upright vacuums are best for carpets and rugs. Some products have solution cleaning features that can remove liquid stains on rugs and carpets. There are those with filters that can remove pet hairs easily without destroying the machine. You can use this vacuum cleaner to deal with tough stains on your carpets, rugs, and even floors. Some products of this type can clean wine stains on rugs, so you can be at ease when your guest or children accidentally spill a drink on the rug. However, the Upright Vacuum Cleaner could be heavy to carry or too big to use especially for the stairs.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is currently the most advanced innovation in vacuum technology. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner can clean around your home on its own, all you need to do is to set its boundaries and run time. You can control the vacuum through your smartphone with the use of a mobile application. Although the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not as strong as the others, it is consistent in cleaning. During the periods you would usually take as a break after cleaning, it can keep cleaning continuously. Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaners can manoeuvre tight spots and avoid getting caught up in wires. They also come with brushes for proper cleaning and filters for pet hair. So you can rest easy or perform other tasks in your home while the robot cleans up for you.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is also very common in many homes. It comes with a suction pipe and a canister that houses the motor and its waste storage. Both the bagged and bagless types of this product are available. The canister vacuum cleaner has great manoeuvrability; it can clean stairs and under furniture with ease. You only need to hold the suction pipe in a way it would suck up dirt best. Most canister vacuum cleaners have long cables, so you can cover many more areas in your home. 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The product comes in both corded and cordless types as well as the bagged and bagless types. It is easy to store compared to other vacuums. You can clean rugs, carpets and hard surfaces easily with it. The stick is lighter to use, you can raise it to clean your curtains and parts of the walls in your home. The stick vacuum cleaners are also price-friendly. The stick is not as powerful as the upright and canister vacuum cleaners but it creates more cleaning options for you compared to the others.

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

This is a small type of vacuum cleaner that can also serve you well at home, though you would need to bend over to use it at times. You can find the bagged and bagless types of this product. You can reach certain areas more efficiently with it than others, especially small areas. It is battery-powered so your movement is not limited by an electric cord. The small and cordless nature of the hand-held vacuum makes it easy to access and power up when you need to quickly deal with dirt or stains.  

For Office Cleaning

Offices do not have the same arrangements or settings. This is because different offices serve different purposes. Your office may be made of one-floor type or could combine different floor types. Keeping these factors in mind, here are the best vacuums you can use in the office:

Canister Vacuum

The canister vacuum cleaner’s separate feature is what makes it best for the office. The canister vacuum has a separate unit for the motor and it also has a suction hose attached to it; this makes it easy to manoeuvre. It can clean hard floors and stairs well. Some types can clean rugs and carpets very well. This is, by far, the best type for the office. Its only issue is mobility; the length of its electric cord limits your movement. The canister that houses the motor and the bag could also be a drag to pull and to store. This type of vacuum cleaner is best used at the start and end of the workday.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is portable and can be used easily for under desks and hard surfaces once the settings are adjusted to suit the surface. The light nature of this type of vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you to access it for use any time of the day. If you accidentally spill something on the floor, you can quickly pull out and operate the stick vacuum cleaner immediately. It can also clean under desks easily, the curtains and parts of the walls in your office. One of the interesting features of this type of vacuum cleaner is that it has a brush made specifically for cleaning carpets. Stick vacuum cleaners are more affordable than other vacuum cleaners. You can buy it alongside the canister vacuum cleaner and use both at their peak periods. 

What is most important when shopping for a vacuum cleaner is how best it can suit your cleaning needs. It’s not just about how impressive the functional or design features are. If it doesn’t suit your needs, it is a waste of your funds. You should carefully compare the various types of vacuum cleaners with your home or office’s needs before buying one.

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