Types of Weighing Scale and their Functions.

Types of Weighing Scale and their Functions.

Most of us have used a weighing scale or weighing balance in one way or the other; especially in the kitchen to measure our food ingredients or items. And also to weigh our body to make sure we are maintaining a healthy BMI. We have several types of weighing scales for different purposes and used in different locations, ranging from the bathroom to the factories. Now, while they are all called weighing scales, at least we all know the kitchen weighing scale is different from that of weighing the body. Well, it will interest you to know that there are other weighing scales besides the two popular ones above and they all have different functions. 

The first thing you need to know is that there are two categories of weighing scales; mechanical and digital weighing scales, and all the different types of weighing scales are under either of the two categories. The difference between the two categories is that the former is operated without any power and the latter is digitised. However, we now have more digital scales than we do their mechanical counterpart because they are more precise and accurate. Although more expensive, some people are ready to make the sacrifice for more accuracy. 

Now that we have established this, let’s go to the business of the day; the different weighing scales and their functions. Find them below:

Analytical Balance

Analytical Balances are typically used in labs where accurate measurement is compulsory. The equipment is built in a way whereby it can easily detect the slightest increase in weight. It is also enclosed so external factors like dust and air do not affect the result. Also known as a Slab, they are particularly great for measuring small samples because they can measure samples in the sub-milligram range. Many of these balances come with a counting feature which is great for counting small samples. 

Kitchen Scale

The Kitchen Scale is one of the most popular scales and many of us have seen or used one. The scale is used to measure food ingredients and items. It is usually used by chefs or serious cooks, especially when it comes to baking. And even some use it for everyday cooking to ensure the accuracy of their measurement.

Health and BMI Scale/ Bathroom Scale

It is also called the Bathroom Scale because many use it personally in their bathrooms to weigh their body. But as we well know, it is used in hospitals to weigh patients that need to be weighed. Places like gyms and schools usually have the Health Scale as well. Some of the newer ones can measure your BMI (body mass index), fat percentage, water ratio, and lean mass.

Retail Scale

The Retail Scale is the equipment your grocer or retailer uses to measure certain food items. The scale provides the weight, price per unit and total cost of the item purchased. If you frequent the market or supermarket, you have probably seen the retailer using it to measure some of your purchase, especially those that sell based on weight.

Laboratory Balance

The laboratory Balance is quite similar to the Analytics Balance in the sense of its accuracy and measuring small samples as they can measure up to a precision of 0.01g. They are often used in chemistry and pharmaceutical labs for scientific research and development.

Counting Scale

This is great for counting multiples items of the same weight. The scale will let you know the number of items you have in the pack based on each item’s weight as against the total weight.

Postal Scale

As the name implies, it is used in postal offices to measure letters and other postal’s weight to calculate the shipping and delivery fee.

Vehicle Scale

Vehicle Scales are used to weigh heavy-duty vehicles such as large trucks, industrial trucks, farm trucks and so on.

Prescription Scales

Medical practitioners use the Prescription Scale to measure medical elements and formulas.

Moisture Analyser

They are used to measure the moisture content in a particular sample. This is to prevent too much and too little moisture – as required – in a sample.

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