Android or iPhone: How to Pick Which Is Better for You.

Android or iPhone: How to Pick Which Is Better for You.

If you use a Smartphone, you are probably used to the phone debate between iPhones or iOS and Android phones. The major difference between the two is the operating system; every other phone runs Android and the Apple run on iOS. However, there are also certain features that differentiate them; that’s probably why the debate persists to date. If you want to buy a phone, it is easy to get caught up in the overwhelming information out there on the type of phone to get. This is because each of the users of these phones will likely speak in favour of whatever category they are using. So, how do you choose which is better for you; should you buy Android or iPhone? That’s what this post will seek to address; I will be discussing different factors to help you decide if you should buy Android or iPhone.


Android phones have a variety of options you can pick from because Google made the Android software available to different phone makers. So, if you need a phone and having options is important to you, then Android is the phone you should consider because you different options of both brand and model to pick from. But if you are not interested in having options or you find that in itself overwhelming, iPhone might work for you. 


Based on the fact you have several brands and models of Android phones, the prices also vary. You can find very cheap and very expensive Android phones but iPhones are always pricy. If budget is a concern and you are looking for something affordable, you should go for Android phones but if you don’t mind coughing extra change and afford it, then you can go for iPhones.  


There is hardly any feature on one that you cannot find on the other; so you are safe if you pick one of the other if the phone features are a priority for you. But note that the features you will get in both categories will depend on the type of phone you get. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the more expensive phones come with more advanced features than the cheaper options. 


iPhones are definitely more secure than Android phones. This is probably because Apple has the exclusive right to the iOS, so it is easier to keep things secure when it’s exclusive. Also, Apple constantly updates their software making it more secure, unlike Android phones where the phone makers might take their time in updating the software even though there is an update available. 

Besides that, Apple stores your information on the device and does not make your information available to third-party advertisers. Google, on the other hand, makes your information available to advertisers to personalise ads that get to you and your information is also stored on the cloud. So, if you are big on privacy, iPhone is the way to go. 


Google makes more apps available, so you have more apps to pick from on Google Playstore. According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2021, Android users were able to choose between 3.48 million apps while Apple App Store had roughly 2.22 million apps. Now, Apple is more strict about the apps they make available to ensure only high-quality apps are let into the system. Therefore, although Android users have access to more apps, the apps were not as strictly vetted and this poses a threat to the security of your phone. 


Android is more flexible; you can customise and personalise your device to your taste. You can choose your preferred home screen launcher, move apps around the arrange your home screen as you wish. iPhone just caught up with that with their iOS 14. Also, file sharing is easier on Android.


Although this is not the case for every Android phone, the accessories are not readily available as that of iPhones. The case of Android phones is probably because there are so many brands and models, so finding the accessories might not be as easy as iPhone that you only have to deal with models. Of course, there is the upside to the fact that most Android phone accessories such as the charger or earphones are compatible with most Android phones, so you can use a Samsung Galaxy charger to charge an LG phone conveniently. It, however, also increases the number of substandard accessories out there.

So, to the question; Android or iPhones? Nobody can really tell you whether to pick an Android or iPhone, it is left to what you consider important or a priority. However, this guide will help you identify what matters to you when owning a phone.