Top 10 PS4 Games to Enjoy Everyday.

Top 10 PS4 Games to Enjoy Everyday.

This is premium content for all game lovers so don’t hesitate to join the party if you are one. Having the best, latest, and sleekest gaming console doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll have a swell gaming experience. Like we clearly stated in our previous PS4 Pro article, while we await the coming of PS5, we really should not be game starved when PS4 still has a whole lot of untapped goodness to keep us excited. Let’s walk right through our list of top 10 PS4 games to enjoy today and every other day.

God of War

We don’t mean to be a game spoiler, but get ready to see a powerful storyline as Kratos and his son Atreus journey into the brutal and unfamiliar Norse Wild, a long way from home. They learn about the new weapon, new goals, ability, and monsters that don’t take visitors likely. This game is a battle for survival on their personal quest, as Atreus falls ill along the way. While you play this game, don’t forget that a warrior must not feel anything for his enemies, so close your eyes to their desperation and suffering. Get started with this game like the warrior that you are.

Assasin’s Creed Odyssey 

This game is a historic action-adventure with only the single-player mode, yet very attention-grabbing. What will Kassandra do? Will she kill the Monger quietly or publicly? You can only find out while playing Assasin’s Creed Odyssey.

Desperados III

Played by a single player, Desperados III is the prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Among the top 10 PS 4 games, Desperados is set in the Wild West, John Cooper goes on a quest for redemption along with Kate, Doc McCoy, Hector, and Isabelle. All characters are vested with a diverse set of skills which will either bring about their survival or ultimate death.

The Outer Worlds

What if you wake up someday, decades later and find yourself lost in transit, on a colonist ship at the far edge of the galaxy? Well, in The Outer Worlds, get ready to embrace your flaws, identify, lead your companions, and explore Halcyon, a corporate colony.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Among our top 10 PS4 games for this season, this is one among the rest that can be played in both the single and multi-player mode. In the latest season (season 4), John Price returns to the front line, two new functional weapons are introduced, as well as other mindblowing additions like the XP tokens, weapon blueprints, watches, new vehicle skins and operator skins. If you are ready to undertake a role in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power, then this game is for you.

Days Gone

If you do believe that hope never dies, then this game is for you. With various threats ranging from humans to Freakers and even animals, Deacon St. John- the hero learns to survive and adapt to his situation as he finds a reason to live in the world. 

Mortal Combat II

An arcade game for warriors who are set to crush their enemies before they get crushed. In this game, you can choose one character among twelve and fight rigorously on 10 different levels while you decide your enemy’s fate and watch the game-end differently when certain characters are used.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Adapted from the popular Spider-Man comic book, this game is here to provide you with nothing short of entertainment. With several available missions to be accomplished, unlock new levels, gain new features and enjoy the adventure-filled PS4 game.

Resident Evil 3

“Commitment, honest, integrity- these are the core values that create the foundation for Umbrella Corp”. In Racoon City, so many people get infected with the T-virus created by the Umbrella Corporation pharmaceutical company. In this game, Jill Valentine proves herself to be a survival, as she escapes the several attempts on her life by Nemesis, a bioweapon, zombies, and an explosive detonate by Mikhail -a surviving Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) mercenary who sacrifices himself during the attack on the train. This game portrays Jill’s determination to find a vaccine for the virus, eliminate Nemesis and takedown Umbrella Corp. Available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and XboxOne.

Snow Runner

It’s drive time when you decide to play Snow Runner. This game can be played with up to 3 players as you drive your truck through bushes and other unfavourable spaces. Earn cash to purchase stronger and new trucks whenever you complete an objective.

With this compiled list of top 10 PS4 games to enjoy, life only gets a lot more entertaining. The choice is yours now, get a PS4 video game console on at a price that does no harm to your wallet.