How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen on a Budget.

Have you been thinking of renovating your kitchen but hesitating over the weight of the cost? Renovation or upgrade of any kind can be overwhelming as it requires both time and financial investment but it is not impossible to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. You just need to know some clever ways to achieve this and give your kitchen the facelift it needs. Having said that, find below some creative ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.


It is time to stop talking or dreaming about it and start putting in the work. The difference between someone that sees their vision come to life and someone that never realizes their vision is that one person decided to start doing it. Big life lesson but it works for everything, even upgrading your kitchen. Once you have decided to renovate your kitchen, the first thing you need to do is write your vision down. If you don’t already have the money, do some enquiries for a realistic budget and save towards it.

After saving, make a list of what needs to be done to have the kitchen of your dreams. Now, of course, you have to be realistic. If you are working with a budget, you might want to hold off on getting the type of kitchen you saw in your favourite celebrity’s house tour or in architectural digest. But either way, make a list of what goes and what stays, what you will need to buy, and what services you will outsource and those you will DIY. 


You will be amazed at how much your kitchen will transform just by painting it. Your kitchen might not need much; maybe all it needs to go back to its glory days is to be repainted. You can also decide to go for a fresher colour instead of the former colour for a newer look. If you have dated cabinets, a new coat of paint on them will make them look as good as new again. And for some that are completely worn out, you could change the doors instead of a total overhaul that could be a more intensive project. 

Keep Old Appliances

You don’t have to completely buy new appliances to achieve a kitchen upgrade; you can still use your old appliances. Some, you might need to use an abrasive cleaner on but if your appliances are in good shape, there is no need to change them.

Change the Layout

Again, there is no need to go overboard because a complete overhaul might cost a ton. But moving one or two cabinets around will definitely help you to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. If your kitchen was L-shaped decorated, changing it to a U-shaped decor, for instance, will give it a completely different look and vice versa. Other ways to change the layout is to change the lighting, go for open shelf decor by removing the doors of top cabinets or investing in floating shelves if it is not beyond your budget. 

Shop Secondhand

While we would not recommend shopping second-hand for kitchen utensils, you can absolutely buy second-hand kitchen appliances, furniture and fittings. Kitchen utensils are more personal, so buying them used is ill-advised. Appliances, furniture and fittings, on the other hand, are great to buy second-hand. In fact, you might be lucky to find some vintage or unique pieces that will give your kitchen character. You can check different online stores for quality used kitchen appliances.

Now you don’t have to hesitate to give your kitchen the transformation it deserves because of budget constraints; these tips will be sure to help you upgrade your kitchen on a budget. Did you enjoy reading this article? Let us know in the comment section.