Tips for Selecting Cool Room Dividers For Your Office.

Tips for Selecting Cool Room Dividers For Your Office.

Setting up your workspace for the comfort of your staff and visitors is a series of activities that requires some serious planning. But what if you do not have enough funds to execute such a project? It’s always advisable to make do with what you have and discover less expensive alternatives. If you are using a rented space for your office, you might be restricted by the interior structure of the space. Or, the owner of the space could forbid you from erecting concrete walls or creating extra rooms within the space. All you are left with is to be able to use flexible, temporary fixtures to neatly and creatively partition areas in your office. 

Determine Why You Need A Room Divider

Before you start selecting cool room dividers for your office, you must sit back and decide why you need to partition your office. Your reasons could range from trying to maximise space, add colour to your workspace, segment an area to be used for other purposes, reduce noise in an open workspace or create private offices. If you want to create privacy or more quiet areas in your office, you might need to consider getting soundproof (acoustic) room dividers. Knowing your reason will go a long way to help you select the most preferred divider for your office.

Determine The Size and Height Required

This is a very vital step else you might find out later that the divider you bought is either smaller or bigger than the space it is meant to fit into. The length can be measured from one point of the floor to the opposite end while the height is measured from the ceiling to the floor. Depending on how high your ceiling is, you might decide not to cover the entire length and leave some space at the top. Its always easier to find dividers of 4, 5, 6, or 7 inches high with about 3 - 6 panels and more. If you have a much bigger space, you might need to buy more dividers to meet up with the needed length or get a custom-made one.  These measurements are clearly stated by the manufactures so you can’t be mistaken. Also, we encourage you to ask the sellers questions if you are unsure or confused.

Determine The Style of Room Divider 

Room dividers are very stylish and come in varying forms, shapes, and structures. Since it can also be seen as a decorative piece, be sure that the style you pick blends easily with the entire interior design you are trying to achieve. Some popular dividers are curtain-like, foldable, or can be rolled or made to slide smoothly. Here, you’ll also want to consider the colour, background, or patterns on the room divider. It looks better when the divider has some contrast with the colour of the office wall and furniture. They shouldn’t be of the same colour and do not pick dull colours. If you will be folding or putting away the dividers frequently, ensure the style is simple enough for anyone to handle without it getting damaged.

Determine The Material Used

Do you intend to use the room dividers as a short-term fixture? Or will you be changing it every few months? The durability of the dividers is a huge factor to consider when selecting cool room dividers for your office. When we talk about materials, we are not only looking at the fabric used in making the body of the dividers, but also the frames, and movable legs. The most durable room dividers are those with wooden frames and metal or iron movable legs. The fabric must be one that doesn’t easily attract dirt and can be cleaned seamlessly. Besides all that, you should decide if you want a divider that allows light to penetrate through it.

Determine Portability and Price

In some cases, the dividers might be placed in a static state, but like earlier mentioned, you must not rule out the possibility of needing to move it from one space to another. Getting a divider with a lightweight might mean you’ll be experiencing it trip often and if it’s too heavy, there’ll be some difficulty with moving it around. Therefore, moderation is key. The price is also very important when selecting cool room dividers for your office. However, do not go for one with inferior quality while trying to cut cost. It is more reasonable to save towards buying an affordable room divider with great quality rather than being in a rush to get whichever cheap one you can immediately afford.

A whole lot has been identified and just like selecting other office furniture, fixtures, and equipment, you must be sure of how efficient it will be in serving your purpose. Designing and setting up a comfortable and homely workspace is a huge investment; do not make things go wrong by making simple irreversible mistakes. You can always shop for your office furniture and fixtures from or even start selling the same items right on the platform.