8 Amazing Hacks to Make the Most of Your Existing Wardrobe

8 Amazing Hacks to Make the Most of Your Existing Wardrobe

There are days when we need an outfit for a particular occasion and it seems like we don’t have the right cloth for it. That usually rings a bell in our head that we need to buy more clothes. But do we though? Do we really need to buy more clothes or do we just not know how to make use of our existing wardrobe? Now, we are not denying that there are times when you will need to buy new clothes but before you pull out your purse, let’s see if you really need to.

Follow along as we show you a few hacks you can apply to make the most of your existing wardrobe.

Spring Cleaning 

Yes, spring cleaning is the very first step. You need to take everything out of your wardrobe. Take all clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories out of your wardrobe. The point of this is to identify the outfits you haven’t worn in a while or don’t need anymore. Then, further, identify those you won’t wear anymore because they are not the right size or you have nowhere to wear them. Those should be out of your wardrobe. Those outfits that are still useful but you have forgotten about, put them in more accessible places along with those you wear frequently. 

Get Rid of Unused Clothing

Once you are done separating the unused clothing from the used ones, you’re left with the following choices. You can decide to clean and start wearing them again if you really have to. It can be difficult to part with some clothes if they still fit and look good. So you can always use them on that condition. 

If not, sell or rent them or give them away; don’t be a hoarder. Remember that they are just junk of memories clogging your wardrobe. So, it is best you give the clothing items to a friend or donate it to charity and let them serve a good purpose elsewhere. You can also sell them online/to friends or rent them out for people to wear. There are online shops that are open to selling fairly used outfits for you. You can enlist on SellOff.ng to sell your used clothes.

Get a Lot of Hangers 

To get the most out of your wardrobe, you will need to do a lot of hanging. Hangers can be reshaped and reformed to serve various purposes in your wardrobe. Hangers can also hang more than one clothing item at once. They also make clothes more accessible unlike if you hold them behind other items.

Hang Handbags 

If you put your handbags inside your wardrobe you need to hang them to make more room in your wardrobe for clothes. 

Use Wardrobe Doors For Hanging 

You should take advantage of your wardrobe doors if you need extra space for more items. The doors of your wardrobe can house some of your clothing items, including shirts, jackets, belts, bags and even shoes. Simply hammer short nails into the part of the doors that faces the inside of your wardrobe. You can also attach a small rack to hang your belts and bags. 

Hang Multiple Outfits Using Pegs 

Remember how we stated that you can use hangers to hang multiple items? Yes, you can do that using clips. You can hang shirts and gowns at the same time without crowding your hanger. Simply put one outfit in a straight position and clip it onto the bottom part of your hanger and put a short around the hanger. Or you can simply put the clothe inside the space of the hanger and hang other things around it. Also, you can use a tie hanger to hang multiple sleeveless outfits at once. 

Another hack is to hang clothes vertically. To pull this off, you need a straight item to put your hangers in. Try tying a small chain to your hanging rack and putting metal hangers in the small holes. This hack works if you have a long hanging section in your wardrobe. 

Fold Outfits Properly  

This particular point can’t be overemphasized. Follow this method to get a good result. Try folding tops and bottom clothes separately, same with the underwear. Once you’ve separated them, try folding underwear roundly rather than flatly. Once your bottoms are on one side and shirts on another, squeeze your round underwear in spaces in between your clothes. Or better still, roll them up in a bag and hang the bag on your wardrobe door. 

If this style doesn’t work for you, it's fine. Wardrobes come in different sizes and shapes and we don’t know the type you use. However, ensure you fold your clothes in the smallest and neatest way possible to create lots of space in your wardrobe.

We can’t stop buying and needing clothes as they are a basic need and want of life. But we can keep trying to manage our wardrobe so we can make the most out of it. If you found our tips useful, please share them with your community. Explore SellOff.ng for quality wardrobes as well as beautiful fashion pieces today.