Interesting Mobile Phone Hacks You Should Try.

Interesting Mobile Phone Hacks You Should Try.

Do you know that apart from the older generation who struggle to understand their mobile phones, everyone else is also not using their phone to its full potential? Technology is being improved upon every passing day in an effort to ease how we do things. This is one of the reasons you keep getting notifications on the availability of new system updates. These mobile phone hacks will blow your mind and we believe you should try them. Do not fear, they won’t harm your device in any way. Note that these mobile phone hacks work particularly well for Android devices.

Get Instant COVID-19 Exposure Notification on Your Phone

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone seems paranoid. As much as possible, we all keep trying to stay at home and reduce our movement because the virus travels from person-to-person. But, how can you instantly know that you’ve come in contact with a person who has recently reported having the disease? With this update, you can find out. On your Android phone, head on to ‘Settings’, scroll down till you find ‘Google’ then click on it. Under Google Services, you’ll find COVID-19 Exposure Notifications, click on it, follow all the steps to set up the feature and get started. To make use of this hack, you’ll need to download what is called a ‘Public Health Authority App’, then turn on your Bluetooth and phone’s location. This helps your device in exchanging and getting information from other users around you to let you know if you’ve been in contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Prevent In-App Ads from Interrupting Your Operations

Ads could be pretty annoying when you need to do something interesting or urgent. It keeps on popping up, taking some screen space, or telling you to hold on until you can skip the ads. Especially when using apps that don’t necessarily require an internet connection, save yourself by turning off your data then start enjoying reading or gaming on apps without any interruption. You could take it a step forward by turning on ‘Airplane Mode’. However, this isn’t really necessary except you don’t want to be disturbed by calls and texts.

Your Earphones Could Serve As A Shutter Button

Selfie pictures could get really boring sometimes. However, now you take a nice picture of yourself using your rear camera even when you are home alone. There is the option of setting your camera timer, but that could produce really blurry images if it is not properly timed. Without being dramatic, you can take a perfect picture by plugging in your earphones, positioning the camera well, and pressing the button on the earpiece which serves as the shutter release button. This mobile phone hack is one you could try out right away.

Use A Balloon As A Phone Case

How is that even possible? Well, it is. If you do not have a phone case at the moment, you could use a balloon in place of it. This helps to reduce the impact of a hard surface on the screen especially if it drops. Although it might not be as effective as a plastic or rubber case, it is still worth using as a protective tool. To turn the balloon into a phone case, simply let in some air into the balloon. Not too much air, but enough to rise a bit and do not tie the tip. Place your phone on top of the balloon and remove your finger from the tip gradually. The balloon will deflate and form a covering around your phone. Very useful and easy hack.

Use Your Phone As A Remote Control

You heard that right. Mobile phones can serve as a universal remote control. All you need to do is download an Android TV remote control app, turn on your Wi-Fi and connect both your phone and television to the network. Once this is done, turn on the remote control app on your phone and search for your television’s name. You’ll find a pin on the TV screen which you will input into your phone and pair. In some cases, you might not be able to input the channel number you intend to view. But you can do basic things like increase/decrease the volume and change to the next/previous channel.

There are a lot more hacks out there, and if you watch this space, you could get informed about them. Do you know any other mobile phone hacks that work? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.