How To Clean A Formica Tabletop in A Few Steps.

How To Clean A Formica Tabletop in A Few Steps.

Tables are one of the most essential furniture everyone uses daily. From office furniture to kitchen tables and home-work stations, we make use of tables along with other furniture. Tables are made of different materials like finished wood, marble, tiles, leather, and even plastic. Each table type has a peculiar method of cleaning which goes a long way in preserving its original state and preventing it from breakage, scratches, and more. To ensure the durability of this piece of furniture, it must be properly cleaned with the right cleaning agent and equipment. Just before we run too fast, you must be aware that the term ‘Formica’ is only a brand of laminate countertops, but it’s now recognised as a generic name when it comes to tabletops. With this guide, you will be able to clean a Formica table as well as other laminate countertops you come across. 

Here are 3 cleaning phases and how to go about them.

Daily Cleaning

As we use our Formica or laminate-type countertops daily, there’s the need to clean it up every now and then. This daily cleaning doesn’t require so much effort and can be done before, during, or after use. The essence of this cleaning phase is to ensure that little stains do not become permanent or deface the surface. This exercise can be done with a soft cloth or tabletop wipes which are available in departmental stores and supermarts. 

Cleaning Mild Stains

When we say mild stains, we refer to stains caused by dust, liquid spillage, or other particles that can smear your tabletop. This also applies to patches left behind by wet items placed on the table. To prevent this type of stains, one must be intentional about their use and cleaning habits. 

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

It is more preferable to prevent stains than having to search for solutions. If you want to clean a Formica tabletop that already has a stubborn stain, you will need a few cleaning agents that can be formulated at home by yourself. After casually cleaning the surface as you do during your daily cleaning, create a cleaning paste using baking soda and some water. You can add a little bit of the all-purpose vinegar to get the job done even faster. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl till you get a thick paste then apply it on the parts of the table that has the stains. You can leave it there for about 5 - 10 minutes before wiping it off with a soft cloth. 

If the stains are extremely tough, you can cover up the paste with a cling-film or nylon just after applying it on the surface and leave it overnight for more effect. Be sure to have a sparkling surface by morning when you wipe it off. When wiping off baking soda from a surface, never make the mistake of cleaning it forcefully with a thick cloth or sponge else it would leave scratches on the surface and make it worse than it previously was. 

Formica tables are a more affordable substitute for other luxury tabletops. To ensure your table lasts longer, avoid using hard sponges, heat, chemicals, or wet items on it. Normally, wood is not a friend of water or other liquid substances so reduce how much water comes in contact with this surface. If the Formica table is used in the kitchen, use a chopping board instead of chopping your ingredients right on the surface. In addition, place a platform on the surface to prevent you from putting hot pots and plates directly on the surface. These simple things will increase the life span of your laminate type countertops and reduce the stress of cleaning stubborn stains.