Here's How to Apply False Eyelashes Like A Pro.

Here's How to Apply False Eyelashes Like A Pro.


If you are one of those who believe that applying eyelashes extensions will damage your natural lashes, you need to erase such myths from your mind. Just like any other makeup product, false lashes enhance the beauty of your eyes as well as the output of full facial makeup. Its purpose is to make your eyelashes look and feel fuller, longer, and darker. You should know that anyone can apply false eyelashes like a pro without getting frustrated or looking funny after the application. To ensure you get things right and fix your false lashes neatly, we’ve broken down everything you need to know into just three steps.

Before Application

To apply false eyelashes like a pro you must gather every single item you’ll need for the application process. Start by identifying what type of look you want to achieve with your lashes. This will help you select what type of eyelashes to buy. Eyelashes come in different types (synthetic, mink, silk, human hair, etc.). Once you know the type you’ll be using, determine the brand, colour, length, and thickness to go for. Also, be aware that some false lashes are more curled than others. You should also check to ensure that the width of the lashes isn’t longer than that of your natural eyelashes else they won’t sit in properly. If you are reusing your false eyelashes make sure you clean them properly and take out any glue residue on them.

Next, get yourself an eyelash kit. This will essentially contain an eyelash brush, a tweezer, and adhesive or gel glue. The eyelash brush is used for straightening the eyelashes to prevent it from tangling, the tweezer is used to pick up the eyelashes, hold it while applying the glue on it, and to fix it properly on your eyelid. An adhesive or gel glue is what helps the false lashes sit pretty on your eyelid. Some eyelashes come with their own lash glue while some do not, this means you’ll need to buy a quality adhesive that dries fast, stays firmly, and lasts long. At this point, your tools are set and it’s time to apply your eyelashes.

The Application Process

Unlike eyelash extensions that require you to have a clean and dry face, with false eyelashes you don’t need to have your wash all washed up. In fact, you should apply your eyelashes as one of the final makeup products while doing your facial makeup. You must have drawn your brows, applied your eyeshadow, and of course your foundation etc. 

Take out the eyelashes from the pack with a tweezer and put it close to your eyes like you are about to fix it. This step is necessary to help you measure what point on your eyes where the lashes will start from and stop. Now apply some glue at the straight end of the eyelashes. You need very little glue and don’t fix the lashes on your face yet. Allow it to dry slightly by holding on to it with the tweezer and blowing some air towards it. When it is almost dry, place it on your eyelid, right above your eyelashes (not on top of it). Now use the tweezer to hold the lashes close to the tip of your eyelid until it feels very firm. Go through the same procedure to fix the second eyelash then use the eyelash brush to brush them out gently.

To make the lashes look more authentic and shining, apply liquid eyeliner like you normally do. But this time, let it cover the point where the eyelashes are fixed. Also, apply mascara but be careful if you must curl it over as that process can make the eyelash fall off pretty easily. 


False eyelashes do not last as long as lashes extension. After using a false eyelash, you can simply take it off by applying makeup remover on a cotton material and wiping your face with it. Or rub coconut oil on it and pull it out gently. Once off, remove all glue residue then keep it nicely in its product pack. You can reuse your eyelashes up to three times, as long as it still looks neat and is cleaned properly before use. 

On a final note, if you want to apply false eyelashes like a pro, you must realise that you need to stay still and don’t be clumsy. Just before you leave, check out our quality and affordable 5D Mink lashes on