How to Care for Your Electric Deep Fryer and Make it Last.

How to Care for Your Electric Deep Fryer and Make it Last.

Fried foods are a lot tastier and attractive than meals prepared using other cooking methods. Although they aren’t usually among the long list of healthy meals for weight-watchers and tend to pose some health issues in the long run, we believe you should have a nicely made fried meal whenever you decide to. Rather than using your regular frying pan, an electric deep fryer is faster and ensures your food is immersed in oil and cooked at the same rate and consistency. It’s quite easy to use, but the big deal shows up when you need to care for your electric deep fryer. We’ve written this article to help you out.

If your deep fryer is new you should go through the manufacturers manual but if you do not have one, this guide is suitable for cleaning all types of electric deep fryers regardless of their manufacturer. This cooking equipment can be used to prepare french fries, pastries, turkey, fish, chicken, and more. You will need to clean your electric deep fryer depending on how often you use it. Some other times you do not need to undergo this deep wash process, all you need is to change your cooking oil and clean the exterior of the fryer.

Before Wash

Begin by unplugging the deep fryer and emptying it only when it is cool. If there’s any leftover oil in it pour it into a container and sieve out all the food particles. Once this is empty prepare the right cleaning agents and tools needed for the cleaning process. Some of the major items you’ll use are liquid dishwasher/detergent, clean water, vinegar, dry fabric for wiping off dripping water, and a metal/pan spatula for scrapping and clearing out the food residue or congealed oil. 

During Wash

Washing your deep fryer does not entail you inserting the entire equipment into water. Start by scraping out all food residue using metal/pan spatula. Once all cleared out, start with the first washing stage. Here you take out the frying basket and bowl separately then wash them off with some dish wash soup. This might not totally clean them up like you’ll love it so put them back into the electrical component then pour enough clean water into it with some dishwasher. Plug the equipment to heat it up (do not boil it till the water dries up). Alternatively, to prevent any kitchen accidents, you can boil the water in a separate container or take some from your tap if it has the ability to run heated up water. Let the frying bowl and basket soak for a while before you empty it and give it a final wash.

It is now time to take out the water and give it a thorough wash for the last time. Prepare your soap solution then use a brush (preferably a toothbrush) to wash off any oil or particles stuck inside the holes of the basket. If there are stains that haven’t come off at this point, mix a little portion of vinegar with some baking soda then apply the mixture on such stain. Let in sit in for a while before wiping off and rinsing. We expect to have a sparkling frying basket and bowl at this point. So lay them on your sink to drain.


Now, take your dry piece of fabric and use it to clean up the frying basket and bowl to prevent it from dripping any further. Note that this equipment can begin to rust quickly if there are any traces of water left. You are almost done with the interior but haven’t finished cleaning your electric deep fryer. 

It is now time for the exterior part. Here you need to immerse a soft cloth into a bowl of soap mixture. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water in it till it is just damp. Use the cloth to clean the entire body of your deep fryer. In addition, clean up the heating element carefully. You do not want to experience issues when turning it on the next time. For the last time, use your dry cloth to wipe every part of the electric deep fryer. 

An effective way to maintain your deep fryer is by reducing its contact with water. This equipment is made for frying only dry foods and you should know that oil and water don’t go so well together. Having a little amount of water inside your deep fryer can cause the oil to keep spitting around and making the exterior of the equipment greasy and unclean. 

For the day-to-day use of your deep fryer, feel free to leave used oil in your it (but not for too long) and make sure you empty it if it has food residue inside or is black and has an odour. Now that you know how to care for your electric deep fryer you can a Masterchef deep fryer from and watch it serve you for long without any issues.