Daily Car Safety Checks to Protect You and Your Family.

Daily Car Safety Checks to Protect You and Your Family.

According to an agency report published in Premium Times, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) recorded 3,947 road crashes in the first quarter of 2020 and the crashes involved 6,448 vehicles. Out of this number, 1,758 were killed and 11,250 were injured. This number is alarming, especially when we consider that it happened within a short period of time. 

Now, we could say the bad roads contributed to it and we would not be wrong, but we also have to admit that a lot of these crashes are also caused by motorists. This is probably why FRSC hardly refer to crashes on the road as accidents because according to them, they are not accidents as a large chunk of what we call accidents could have been prevented. Most road traffic crashes occur because people don’t pay much attention to what’s needed and not because something inevitable happens. 

So, it’s left to us really to make sure to do what we can to prevent these crashes. And apart from making sure to obey traffic rules, we also need to make sure our vehicles are in the right condition before we put them on the road. 

Having said that, we cannot possibly overemphasise the need to perform daily car safety checks because the health of your car will determine how optimal it will perform on the road. And unfortunately, sometimes, a vehicle breakdown is not all one might have to deal with if we don’t do this. So, it calls to reason that we familiarise ourselves with the necessary daily car safety checks and do them religiously. However, what are these car safety checks? Find them below.


Brake failure is probably one of the most popular causes of accidents, so you need to make sure your brake is working optimally. Check your brake every day before you start driving to be sure it is not stiff. You should also check the brake oil and replace it if necessary.


The major issue about the tyre is the tread, as that’s what determines the pressure of the tyre on the road. So check the tread depth and take periodic readings of your tyre pressure to ensure you are maintaining the recommended maximum. You should also check for general wear and tear, splits or bulges on your tyres. Remember to replace your tyres as required.

Car Lights

Make sure that all your car lights, including the headlights and taillights, are functioning. You won’t want to be caught in a dark area at night without a light to see. I mean, many things could happen when you cannot see where you are going and we wouldn’t want that. So, make sure your lights can serve you when you need them to. 


The horn is your major signal to other road users, especially for overtaking or turning into corners. Therefore, it is only expected that it is working rightly, so you can signal other road users as necessary.


Your windows show you what’s happening in front and behind you. It should be clear and not foggy. And the side mirrors, especially, should be set properly, so you can see clearly. 

Windshield Wipers

I’m sure you don’t want to find out in the middle of rainfall that your windshield wipers are not functional. This is why it is important to check this before leaving, so you can find a solution if something is wrong. 

Steering Mechanism

Is your steering stiff or is it moving properly? That’s something to confirm to be sure you can turn your steering as required. 

Now, to conclude, please note that part of being safety-cautious is making sure your car doesn’t break down as much as you can prevent. This is because you never know when or where it might break down. Imagine it breaking down in a dangerous area or at night with all towing companies closed. It could cause harm to you and your property. This is why you should additionally check every and any component of your vehicle that can cause a breakdown. Check the fuel gauge to make sure you have adequate fuel for your journey. You should also check and change the oil in the different compartments as required, and check for oil or fuel leakage, as well as any loose lid and object.

And that’s it; let us know in the comment section if you found this article helpful. Also, you can find and purchase a vehicle from SellOff.ng