Where to Buy Used Cars Online in Nigeria.

Where to Buy Used Cars Online in Nigeria.

Buying used cars online in Nigeria is not as difficult or as complicated as we would like to think; you just need to know where to go. However, that is not to say you should visit any website to buy used cars online in Nigeria because that would be a grave mistake as well. Cars are quite pricey and you would generally want to be careful getting used cars so you don’t end up with one that has almost used up its lifespan. Having said that, where do you buy used cars online in Nigeria? The websites listed below are some of the great options you can explore when you need a used car in Nigeria. 


Cars45 is one of the most popular car outlets for both new and old cars. You don’t just get to buy cars at Cars45, you can also sell and swap cars, and cars are accepted in any condition. Basically, you can walk to cars45 to drop a car and leave with another car or you can go with your car and leave with the money for it. So, if you want to buy, sell or swap your car, cars45 is a place to try. 


NaijaAuto.com is more than just an outlet to buy cars. They pride themselves as an auto platform in Nigeria, where you can get relevant information about automobiles besides buying them. Although stationed in Lagos, this platform connects buyers to sellers from different parts of Nigeria through various channels, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. 


As the name implies, CarMart.ng is a mart for automobiles. They have thousands of cars in their database that are said to be verified and checked before displayed on their platform. This way, buyers have a range of cheap used cars to choose from when they need to buy a car. They also offer car rentals besides selling and buying of cars.


Jiji.ng is a popular classified ads platform in Nigeria that connects buyers to sellers of a variety of goods and connects service providers to customers. So, in the same vein, it is a classified ads website for connecting car buyers to car sellers from different locations in Nigeria. 


SellOff.ng is another popular classified ads platform for different products. The platform, therefore, connects buyers to car dealers or individuals who want to sell their cars. With the variety of cars on the platform, you are left with different options of foreign-used, Nigerian-used and new cars based on your preference. 


You can sell, buy and fix your car at Autockek Nigeria. That means if your car needs maintenance or fixing after buying, you can also take advantage of their great deals to get that done. On the other hand, the platform allows you to pay in instalments if you cannot afford to pay it all at once. 

Beta Car

Priding itself on its strict certifications of the cars in the platform, Beta Car is one of the platforms to check out if you need an affordable used car in Nigeria. There is also a provision for making payments monthly in instalments if you cannot afford to pay for the car at once.


With AuctionExport, you can bid for a car or buy directly if a car has a “buy now” option. The cars are shipped from North America to the global market, including Nigeria. The platform has a large range of cars at their disposal that you can either bid to buy or buy directly. 

And that’s it, a list of websites to buy used cars in Nigeria. Have you purchased a car from any of these platforms? If yes, you can share your experience with us in the comment section below.