Here's The Right Way to Use Serum for Hair Growth.

Here's The Right Way to Use Serum for Hair Growth.

There’s hardly any African woman who doesn’t struggle with the quality, texture, and health of her hair. Hair serum is one of those new hair care products that numerous people embraced immediately when it came into the market. The acceptance of this product is one of the major reasons for its popularity around the world. Just in case you haven’t heard about or seen this wonder-working hair solution, it’s never too late to learn about its benefits and how to use it the right way. On average, most women lose about 100 to 159 hairs daily, this means we need to pay more attention to the grooming of our hair as well as the products we apply on it.

Benefits of Using Serum for Hair Growth 

Serum contains the right ingredients your hair needs to experience impressive new and fast growth, thickness, and an extra soft texture. It reduces the dryness and toughness of your hair which makes it easy to style however you want to. In addition to that Serum serves as a conditioner for your hair which helps your hair glow, remain untangled, and soft enough for your comb to run through seamlessly. After washing and rubbing shampoo on your hair compare it with when serum is applied and when it isn’t. The difference is absolutely glaring.

With the inclusion of ultraviolet protection formula as one of its ingredients, applying serum protects and prevents your hair from getting damaged by ultraviolet rays. If you love using a hair straightener to style your hair or create more curls, serum is a suitable product to apply on your hair before you start getting creative with your hair. It prevents the heat from damaging your hair and retain your funky styles for longer periods.

How to Apply Serum for Hair Growth

Use the Right Product

First and foremost, be sure that your serum is of superior quality and original. It is wiser not to use a certain hair care product than to apply an adulterated one. Several brands now make this product so look out for which you prefer and learn to identify the original from the fake ones. In addition, to help you identify which product is best for your hair, you need to choose one that suits your hair type. If you are unsure, seek help from your hairstylist.

Start by Washing Your Hair

There’s hardly any great impact serum has on dirty or oily hair. You need to wash off your hair before applying serum for hair growth on it. Serum in itself contains some oil which can add up to be too much when applied on already oily or greasy hair. You should be aware that this hair solution works best for dry hair and can be applied each time the hair feels dry. However, if you have oily hair, never apply serum every day or frequently. 

Apply on Hair Not Scalp

Serum isn’t meant for treating the scalp. Instead, its function is to help your hair stay shiny all day long. After washing your hair, do not wait till it is absolutely dry, serum for hair growth can be applied on damp hair all through the length of your hair. Massage the solution evenly into your hair to ensure it reaches every hair strand.

To wrap things up, you must know that you should use this hair care product in little quantities. This is one of the times when it is safe to say, “less is more”. Using too much serum on your hair makes it very greasy and somewhat difficult to handle. You can also apply it on your weaves, dreadlocks, and any other type of human hair just to help it look chic again. Like we stated previously, to enjoy the benefits of serum for hair growth, you must intentionally apply it the right way. You can purchase a hair growth serum from our store by simply placing an order right away.