Tips for Maintaining Your Refrigerator To Make It Last Longer.

Tips for Maintaining Your Refrigerator To Make It Last Longer.

The refrigerator is probably one of the most important appliances in our homes. It keeps our food fresh and safe to consume. Besides that, it also doesn't come cheap. So, it is expected that we do all we can to maintain our refrigerator to keep it working optimally and to last longer. You don't want a situation where you are always spending money on repairs or losing food because your refrigerator constantly breakdowns. These tips for maintaining your refrigerator will help you ensure your refrigerator is safe and serves your home for a long time.

Mind the Placement 

One of the major mistakes we make when we are decorating our home or kitchen - as the case may be - is to focus only on aesthetics. While we are not saying we should completely do away with aesthetics, some appliances need to be placed properly to function optimally. For an appliance like the refrigerator, when you are left with the choice of either aesthetics or functionality, you should choose the latter. Fridges don't like heat, so anywhere where it will be heated should be avoided. Keep it away from the oven, gas cooker, electric cooker, microwave and other appliances that emit heat. Also, keep it away from direct contact with the sun and any heat vents. Heat overworks the refrigerator because it makes the fridge work even harder to maintain its cool temperature, which shortens its lifespan. 

Vacuum The Coils 

The cooling coils are either behind or under the unit. They release heat to keep the compressor running and so are vital to the cooling process. However, based on their position, they are prone to collecting dirt that will overtime affect their efficiency. So, every other month, it is important to pull out the refrigerator or turn it from the bottom front to clean the coils with the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner or a bristle brush. 

Frequently Clean the Gasket

Also known as the door gasket, it is the rubber seal around the perimeter of the door of the fridge that holds the refrigerator down firmly when you close it. The seal can wear out or collect dirt and this will affect the cooling process of your refrigerator. To keep it working optimally, you should clean it regularly with mild soap and warm water on a sponge or cloth, and remember to dry off with a dry cloth after to keep moisture from accumulating. If the gasket is worn out, though, you should change it. Test the firmness of the seal by putting a thin sheet of paper before closing the door. If the paper slips out, it means it needs changing. 

Clear the Top

It is common practice to use the top of the fridge as extra storage space but this is not a best practice in maintaining your refrigerator. The refrigerator emits heat from the top and if the top is not clear either because of things or dirt, the heat will be trapped in. Over time, this can damage your refrigerator. So, to be safe, keep the top clear and clean regularly. 

Don't Put Hot Food In The Refrigerator 

Always let your food cool too, at least, room temperature before putting them in the refrigerator. Hot food will overwork the compressor of your refrigerator because it will work harder to reduce the heat caused by the hot food. If you do this over time, it will reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator. 

Perform Annual Check-Up 

Just like humans need to undergo regular check-up, machines and engines too need constant check-up. Check your fridge for any strange sound, like rattling or grinding. Check the seal (gasket) as mentioned above. Alternatively, you can invite a trusted technician to do a proper check-up to be sure there is nothing wrong with it. 

In conclusion, although not exhaustive, you can save yourself the extra cost of repairs, losing food or even having to buy a new refrigerator if you put more effort in maintaining your refrigerator using these tips mentioned here.