Consider These 4 Things Before Buying A Used Car in Nigeria.

Consider These 4 Things Before Buying A Used Car in Nigeria.

Even when you have never owned a car before and have no idea about the things to look out for when buying a used car in Nigeria, you can still get yourself a good deal. It’s always better to arrive at the car dealers store with an idea of what brand of car you intend to buy or the specifications you are looking out for, else you would get overwhelmed and burn out real quick. Due to the declining economic situation in the country, the cost of getting a brand-new ride could dig a large hole in one’s pocket so many people opt-in for fairly used cars. However, if you are about to buy a Tokunbo vehicle, you might be sceptical because you don’t trust how durable it will be or if it is in the right condition. Well, this blog post should help you worry less and prevent your car shopping from ending in tears. If you are ready, let’s walk you through important things to guide your decision on what car to buy, shall we?


Thankfully, the internet has made it seamless to get this type of information, vehicles are sold on several online sites, and you can check out the price of whichever car you intend to buy. Knowing the cost of the car beforehand helps you create a budget in line with it and prevents the car dealer from cheating you.

External Condition of The Car

If you are buying the car from an online car dealer, there’s a high chance of them sending you photos of the vehicle. It will be in your best interest to schedule a convenient time to check out the car physically before making any financial commitment. When assessing the external conditions of the vehicle, pay particular attention to the body surrounding, the roof, doors, windows, body colour, lights, bonnet, and more. Check for dents, rusts, and other significant gaps; if you think that a dent may have been patched with body filler, confirm it by putting a little magnet on it. The magnet will fall if the dent was wrongly patched.

Internal Condition of The Car

Since you’ll be spending more time inside the car and want to ensure your comfort, take note of the following:

  • Smell: Open the door and smell the inside of the car. With a moisty smell, you can easily find out if there’s a leak in the roof where water gets in through. You should also remove the ground mats and check for wet spots on the carpet; watch out for any other odour that does not appeal to you.
  • Car Seats: Try sitting on all the seats in the car; test all the seat adjustment, especially at the driver’s seat, ensure it is collapsible, and the seat-belts are intact. Also, the upholstery should be neat enough and without any tear.
  • Controls: Without starting the car, turn on the electrical switch. After turning on the vehicle, it is expected that all the warning lights, including the ‘check engine’ light should illuminate for some seconds and go off.

The Engine and Its Components

What’s a pretty car without a functional engine? Diligently check the overall condition of the engine; it’s reasonable to find some amount of dirt and dust but be wary if you see oil splattered around the engine compartment. Furthermore, check the belts, fluids, radiator, and if the battery is covered with corrosion, wires, and lose hoses. You might not know so much about cars, so invite a neutral mechanic who has no dealings with the car seller. If a vehicle is in good condition, the seller shouldn’t have any problem with you taking the car to a repair shop for a thorough inspection. Besides, check the Vehicle Inspection Number (VIN) to be sure you are not about to buy a stolen car or one with a criminal history.
Finally, buying a used car in Nigeria is very affordable. Still, you are left with the assignment of properly checking every aspect of the car to make sure they are in good shape, and they meet your specifications.