How to Choose the Best Massage Table for Professional Use.

How to Choose the Best Massage Table for Professional Use.

Apart from your training and years of experience as a massage therapist, your next most important asset is your massage table. The best massage table for professional use is one that makes your customers feel more relaxed and doesn’t strain your own body as well. Your therapy session should be a time you look forward to without anticipating any form of discomfort.

Before you decide to get a massage table for professional use, you must first do your homework. Determine what’s more important to you and what you are willing to do away with. So bear in mind all of the following when choosing the best massage table for your business. 

Know What You Want

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But one of the easiest ways to find out which is the best massage table for you is to visit a colleague’s massage parlour and survey their table(s). This helps you identify what you want and what you don’t. Take note of all the specifications that make it worth the investment. Yes, you need to see your massage table as an investment which you’ll get returns on in the future as your business grows. This means you shouldn’t buy a table that will drive away all your customers.

Consider Portability

Are you a mobile massage therapist or will you have your massage table permanently set up in your spa or massage parlour? Determining this helps you identify if the portability of your massage table is important to you or can be overlooked. If you’ll be moving your table from place to place you’ll need to look out for a lighter table, one with detachable parts and is also foldable. It should have a carry bag as well. Getting a lighter table is quite tricky because you are looking for a table that can withstand weight but isn’t too heavy to move around. If it seems impossible to find one with a perfect carry weight and working weight, you should consider buying a trolley cart to push it around easily.


When looking at the size of your massage table you are looking at the height, length, and width. The combination of all these sizes adds up to an excellent massage table. The standard width of a professional massage table is 30 inches, however, if you are smaller in size you might want to get one with 25 - 28 inches. The standard table length is 73 inches and when a face cradle of about 7.5 - 9 inches is added it makes the total length about 80 - 82 inches. Lastly, tables with adjustable legs are simply the best as you don’t have to worry about it being too high or low for you when you can easily adjust the legs to a perfect height.

Table Frame/Material

Majorly, you’ll find just two types of massage tables in the market. The wooden and the aluminium type. Both types have their pros and cons which you should be aware of. The aluminium massage tables are usually lighter in weight but are more expensive while the wooden one is heavier, accommodates more working weight, and is cheaper than the aluminium type. As we mentioned earlier, using a trolley cart helps you take away the burden of carrying it around.

The Foam and Upholstery

With a regular mattress or couch, after using it for a while you’ll begin to feel or see a portion of the furniture having bumps or air pockets. This can also happen to your massage table if it’s of low quality. The ideal thickness of the form on a massage table is about 2 inches. In short, the foam must be very firm. 

The upholstery is the material that covers the form. As much as you are looking for something beautiful that will perfectly fit into the interior design of your spa, you should be more concerned about the quality. A brilliant upholstery is made of PVC leather which is thicker, easier to clean, more durable, oil and water-resistant.

The best massage table isn’t the fanciest or most expensive table available in the market. It is one that checks all the boxes on your list in terms of comfort (for you and your client), durability, portability, and everything discussed above. Get a new Maxkare portable massage table from while stock lasts.