Where to Buy and Sell TV Online in Nigeria.

Where to Buy and Sell TV Online in Nigeria.

With the advent of the internet, buying and selling things online is now a popular practice, especially considering its ease and convenience. As a seller or buyer, you would be interested in buying or selling products on an online platform that is credible and has a wide reach. There are numerous online shopping platforms in Nigeria that you can use to buy and sell your TV.  Here are the top notable places where you can buy and sell TV online in Nigeria.


Jumia is one of the most popular online buying and selling platforms in Nigeria. Jumia has 15 million monthly visitors on its platforms, this means it lives up to its popularity. Before you can buy or sell on the platform, you must visit their webpage or download the app. If you want to sell on Jumia, you’ll have to register and receive e-commerce training. To buy on Jumia, you can check their product catalogue or simply search for the kind of TV you want. You can either go pick it up at their various collection points or opt for a delivery service, which might attract extra charges. 


Jiji.ng is one of the biggest online shopping platforms in Nigeria where buyers and sellers interact. Buyers can contact sellers directly and even have the opportunity to bargain prices, and sellers can send product updates. It is one of the easiest online shopping platforms to use in Nigeria. Jiji.ng is a classified ads platform, which means they have a wide range of products, including TVs. You can find both new and used TVs. To sell on the platform, you need to register with your phone number and email, this way clients can communicate with you. And buying is as simple as selecting your preferred TV and contacting the seller for further negotiations. 


Another great place to buy and sell TV online in Nigeria is SellOff.ng. SellOff.ng is also a classified ads website in Nigeria that connects buyers and sellers all over the country. The platform has different categories of products from verified sellers. Whether you want to buy a used or new TV, you can find your preferred choice on the platform. And if you are a seller, you can also sell your televisions on SellOff.ng. You can apply to be a seller on SellOff.ng by simply registering on their platform as a seller and getting approval. Buyers, on the other hand, can contact Sellers on the platform to make confirmations and negotiate prices and delivery. 


Konga is another popular platform where you can buy and sell TV online in Nigeria. Konga also has millions of subscribers and several products on its platform. To get started as a seller, you must first visit Konga’s Seller HQ page to register. And buying is similar to buying any product on most eCommerce websites. Choose your products, add to cart, choose your delivery method and pay. Also, if you order a TV that needs shipping on Konga, you can monitor its progress using the website. Konga, like all the platforms mentioned here, operates nationwide. 


Finally on our list is Swapix, Swapix is a classifieds ads platform like Jiji and SellOff.ng.  You can also buy televisions on the platform by checking the electronics category or searching for TVs. After selecting the television of your choice you can call the seller or chat with the seller on the platform. If you are interested in selling on Swapix, simply visit their website and register as a seller on their platform. After your product has been approved, your ad will be posted for buyers to interact with. 

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