Best Television Brands We Recommend in 2020

Best Television Brands We Recommend in 2020

Unlike previously, buying a television is now serious work. You must consider several factors before making up your mind on which among these best television brands you should get. 


LG is one of the most popular television brands in Nigeria and around the world. They are known for providing innovative solutions and new experiences to help their customers lead better lives. This brand has been in existence since way back and they are at the forefront of creating smart televisions that give greater flexibility to users. Apart from their brilliant designs and smart technology, most of their latest televisions have features like Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, wide-angle, great sound quality, brightness, and can even stream online content like Netflix and YouTube. Depending on your budget, you can select any of their televisions ranging from 24 inches to 88 inches and you can decide to invest in one with the features that matter the most to you.

Apart from their smart TVs, they are currently introducing Android TVs to the market. With this, users can keep viewing content on their mobile phones on the television and have a wider view. Be sure to enjoy detailed colours, contrast, high-resolution picture quality, sound and more if you choose an LG television. LG TV options include OLED TVs, NanoCell TV, Ultra Large TVs. 8K TVs, UHD 4K TVs, FHD Smart TVs, LED TV, and the list goes on. 


This is one television brand that goes all out to introduce something new in their television products almost every year. Samsung has maintained its No. 1 Position in the Global TV market for 14 years consecutively. Their latest innovation in the television industry is the introduction of the ‘QLED 8K TV’, the world’s most advanced TV. It uses powerful Quantum Processor 8K which is higher than the commonly known 4K television. The images on this type of TV is made up of a grid of pixels 7,680 wide by 4,320 high which gives a total of 33,177,600 pixels

Although this brand tries to play safe between being expensive and being affordable (not exactly cheap). The Samsung brand has designed its television products in such a way that users can still enjoy the impressive quality without breaking the bank. They recently introduced a line of televisions called ‘Frame TV’. It looks like an art piece in a gallery as soon as you turn it off and this effect gives your room an artistic feel when not in use.


Growing up, the Panasonic cathode-ray tube TV was one of the most common television brands found in Nigerian homes. With the shift in trends and expanding innovation, the brand still somehow finds itself among the best television brands in the country at the moment. Are they thriving due to the name they have previously crafted for themselves or for how customers love their product? We can’t say for sure. Panasonic has the most desirable 3D TVs on the market due to its high quality at a reasonable price. Although they face challenges when it comes to the replication of their electronic products so one has to be extremely cautious when buying a Panasonic television. It is always advisable to purchase items like this from a trusted dealer and ensure you are guaranteed a warranty on the product. Also, find out their return and refund policy to prevent bitter tales in the end.


They aren’t just great at making air conditioners and refrigerators, the brand makes televisions that are high-tech and of great quality. With the application of quantum dot technology to maximise viewing experience, they have come up with innovative products. Their television products include 4K UHD and ULED TVs, Laser TVs, HD TVs, Premium 4K ULED TVs. This company has the intention of making life simpler, better, and more entertaining through carefully-designed and well-built products. And they do so perfectly with their well-designed and functional electronic. Size ranges from 32 inches to 100 inches; they are also quite affordable and durable.


Sony is a high-quality electronics and products manufacturer. The latest Sony TVs are made to look great in dark spaces by adjusting their colours and contrast to suit the environment. Their televisions also have the best motion clarity and can make lower-resolution content look a lot better on the screen. 

You should bear in mind some essential questions to ask yourself before you buy a new television. All this information will go a long way in helping you get a good buy. Check out some of the products from these listed brands available on