How to Maintain and Care for your Fashion Contact Lens.

How to Maintain and Care for your Fashion Contact Lens.

There are broadly two categories of contact lens users. They include those who wear them for medical reasons or vision correction and those who wear them solely for aesthetic/fashion purposes. Wearing contact lens is one of the latest fashion trends among young people especially the female folks. Before we proceed, you must come to terms with the fact that fashion contact lenses are very delicate and you must handle them with utmost care. Contact lens are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eyes to avoid wearing glasses or to give people a different eyes appearance.

Just like anything else, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and care of your fashion contact lens. Also, depending on what type of fashion contact lens you rock, you must replace them from time-to-time to prevent eye infections or contamination as a result of the build-up of lens deposits.

Caring and Maintaining your Fashion Contact Lens

  • Purchasing the Right Contact Lenses: This isn’t like buying a new handbag; it’s more. Contact lens isn’t manufactured in a manner were all size-fits-one. Instead, they come in various sizes, diameters, curvature, colours, and wearing frequency.
  • Wearing and Replacement Frequency:  Fashion contact lenses are of various replacement frequency. Some of them must be discarded after a single day of wear, another after 2 weeks, monthly, or even after 6 months of wear.
  • Hygiene: The eyes are a very sensitive organ and if handled wrongly one can get the eyes infected and create some undesired consequences. Before you handle your medical or fashion contact lens you must wash your hands thoroughly with mild hand soap and ensure it is completely dry before touching the contact lens.
  • Cleaning Your Contact Lens: If you use those that don't have to be disposed of after every single wear clean them using an enzyme or any other recommended cleaning solution. Apart from the cleaning solutions available, there are also other solutions used for disinfecting your lens. Besides, you can get yourself a multipurpose solution which not only cleans but also does an excellent job of disinfecting. If your lens has a specific cleaning solution prepared by the manufacturer ensure you make use of it. Avoid mixing different cleaning solutions together as this might negatively affect your fashion contact lens.
  • Storing your Contact Lens: This is not an item you can just drop around carelessly. If you use a reusable lens you must keep the case properly as much as you take care of the lens itself else it could become a breathing ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. After taking out the lens, rinse the case with the right cleaning solution then leave it to air dry.
  • Avoid placing your contact lens in your mouth or lubricating them with your saliva or tap water. Doing this damages your lens and brings about further injury to your eyes.
  • Lastly, change your contact lens case frequently.

While we all agree that wearing fashion contact lens gives our eyes a pretty outlook, you must also know that some side effects can occur (especially if not cared for and maintained properly). Some of those possible consequences are eye itching, excessive teary eyes, blurred vision, redness, eye pain, and more. If you begin to notice any of these or other discomforts not started above you need to put away your contact lens in the meantime. In fact, dispose of that pair of contact lens and once you think your eyes have recovered and feel better, you can do get yourself a new pair. 

However, if the discomfort in your eyes persists you must immediately seek medical attention to prevent further complications. Furthermore, sticking to a certain contact lens brand can help you avoid trying out various other brands which might not be good enough for you. Would you love to get fashion contact lens for yourself? If yes, head on to to buy one. This item is available in different colours.