Indoor Workout Equipment You Should Invest In.

Indoor Workout Equipment You Should Invest In.

Setting fitness goals at the beginning of a new year is an activity many people find themselves involved in. That goal might be a little bit hard to achieve this year as many are forced to stay at home to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Not to mention that Gyms have been shut down indefinitely due to the lockdown mandate in many cities around the world. So even the dedicated gym attendees are forced to either create new workout plans or forget about keeping fit till the world is cleansed. Well, you could still achieve your fitness goals if you invest in the right indoor workout equipment.

5 Basic Indoor Workout Equipment for Everyone

Yoga Mat

Apart from the usual yoga meditation sessions, the yoga mat can be used for exercising. You obviously don’t want to lay on the ground while doing your sit-ups, donkey kicks, bicycle crunch, elbow planks, e.t.c. When getting a yoga or workout mat, ensure that it is thick with enough cushion to prevent knee or elbow injuries, it should be flat and without lumps else you’ll feel uncomfortable when using it. The intensity of your workouts will cause you to sweat a lot; it is important to pick a mat that is moisture absorbent and non-slippery, else you’ll lose your balance often. It should also be easy to clean with soap and water to prevent it from breeding bacteria and being dirty. Yoga mats come in various colours and lengths, pick whichever is suitable for you.

Dumbbells and Kettle Bells

With dumbells and kettlebells, get ready to target core muscles in your body like your arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, and joints. Dumbbells come in different forms, the best are the adjustable ones which light, moderate, or heavy lifters can use as you progress in your fitness journey. Most of them have padded handles to ensure you don’t sprain your wrist when using them. You can use dumbbells for shoulder press, squats, upright or bent-over row, and more, while the kettlebells can be used for swings. If you are getting a dumbbell, get the set which contains pairs of different sizes for light to heavy lifters and a stand to hold them in position when not in use.

Jump Rope 

This is one of the best indoor workout equipment for those who want to do some full-body intense exercise. If done properly and consistently, the impact of jumping rope can be felt all over the body. To engage in jump rope exercise all you’ll need is a good rope and a bit of space to avoid obstructions while you jump and swing the rope. A good rope for this type of work out is one with a non-slip foam at the handles to give a good grip. It should also be of moderate weight or thickness to achieve smooth spins and prevent it from getting tangled or cut easily. You can either buy an adjustable rope or pick one that is suitable for your height else you’ll be tripping over regularly.

Exercise Ball

This is also called a stability ball and can be used for squats, push-ups, planks, and other creative workout routines. A good exercise ball is one with grips around it that makes it stay firmly on the floor without rolling around. This ball helps you strengthen your back, coordinate your body movement, and the ability to stay balanced. Choose a ball that has the strength to support your weight when inflated, else you might find yourself in tears if the ball deflates when you are having a good time on it. Some balls come with a pump to inflate it; however, any pump can work for it. In addition, to know if a ball is right for your height, sit on it with your hips and knee forming a right angle then check if your feet are touching the floor conveniently.

Resistance Band

These bands are used when training for strength and flexibility. They are very portable and can be used as stand-alone workout equipment or added to others for more intensity and variety. You can use them to target muscles and bones in your arm, legs, back, and abs. Before you buy a band, check if it is made out of natural rubber to ensure it doesn’t harm your skin when it comes in contact.

How to Know What Indoor Workout Equipment Is Right For You.

Before we run along, be reminded that whatever tips you read on our blog should not substitute medical advice. Also, if you have any health challenge or recently underwent surgery, speak with your physiotherapist to determine what workout routine is best for you.

Apart from the affordability of these indoor workout equipment, you need to consider factors like the size of your workout area, body type, the stage you currently are in your fitness journey, and more, before investing in any equipment. You should also be concern about the functionality and quality of the equipment as you won’t want to buy those you can’t use because they are too advanced for you or aren’t strong enough for your intense routines.
In conclusion, to get the most out of your workout sessions, you need to be consistent, show up frequently by creating a workout plan and discovering what routines are best for your body type and fitness needs. Furthermore, the wrong use of equipment could cause you pain and injuries; you’ll wish you never exercise. To prevent such situations, get yourself a fitness coach or use workout apps and other online exercise resources to help you use all equipment the right way and perform your routines properly.

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