Businesses You Can Start With A Smartphone in Nigeria.

Businesses You Can Start With A Smartphone in Nigeria.

When you hear that many of us do not use our phones to their full potential, it could sound like a cliché, but it couldn't be more true. Some of us use our phones for social status, some use it for calls, text and other online activities but there is so much more than one can do with a smartphone. If you are unemployed and wondering what to do to have an income or maybe you are employed and looking for side income, you have a goldmine in your phone. Your phone can serve as a source of income if you just know what to do with it because there are several businesses you can start with a smartphone in Nigeria. We have highlighted 5 businesses you can start with a smartphone in Nigeria; let’s go!

Content Writing/Copywriting

If you are a writer, there is so much to make from putting your skill to work. In this digital world, many businesses are finding out that content is king, especially in communicating with customers. So, they are looking for content writers or copywriters to help them tell their brand story and communicate with customers. You can either advertise your skill on classified ads platforms or join an online marketplace for freelance services. Alternatively, you can start a blog that allows you to express yourself freely and make money through ads and other sponsorship and partnership that might open as a result of the increase in your traffic. 

YouTube Channel

Do you have skills that you know people will be interested in learning? Tailoring, cooking, carpentry, shoe-making, fashion designing, pattern making, car repairing, painting, interior designing; these skills and many others not mentioned here are in high demand, especially with the trending DIY (Do-It-Yourself) thing going on everywhere. If you have any of these skills, you can make “how-to” videos. Another option is to speak about different issues that you are either passionate about or an expert in and you will find people who enjoy that niche engage with you. You could also make vlogs about your life and issues around you, which could be a source of entertainment or education to many. Once you have decided on your content, make videos on your phone, upload them on YouTube, build a following and monetise

Online Sales

There are different ways to go about selling online and all you need is your phone. You can start a mini-importation where you buy things online and sell them online. There are so many international online stores to buy things directly from manufacturers or trading companies, and you can sell on classified ads platforms or advertise on social media. Of course, you can decide to keep it local and buy from local vendors or manufacturers as well. Another option is to serve as a personal shopper for people who are too busy to go shopping themselves. Set up a business page on Instagram and Facebook and advertise on the platform to clients, so they can take orders from your business account. 

Social Media Manager

All the skills you used to grow your social media platforms for engagements that don’t add anything to your pocket can be transferred to make you an income. All you need is a smartphone, an idea to draw people in and how to keep them engaged. Many businesses are looking for social media managers because they have seen a large market on social media platforms. So you would be providing a solution to what has become the priority of businesses. 


Podcasting is similar to blogging or vlogging, the only difference is that it is audio. And you can do all you need to with your smartphone. You can record your podcast, share and make money with your phone. So, if you have an idea that people will want to hear and talking comes easy to you, what are you waiting for? 
Gone are those days when you need a large capital to set up any business; the birth of the smartphone has made all these easy; so don’t wait any longer. If you need a source, you can look at your phone and see which of the businesses you can start with a smartphone.