Fashion Items for The Raining Season: All You Need In Your Corner.

Fashion Items for The Raining Season: All You Need In Your Corner.

The raining days are here again just after the August break. If you didn’t stock up on some fashion items for the raining season before the rains came, now is the next best time to do so. However, you might experience a spike in the prices of these items due to an increase in demand. As a fashionista, you really don’t want to be messed up by the rain so here’s a list of those fashion items you need in your corner during the raining season. 


Wearing the wrong shoes on a rainy day could ruin your mood and activities for the entire day. This is not a good time to wear shoes made of leather, suede, fabric, and even sneakers. Although some leather shoes can resistance water for a while, but why cut short the life span of your pretty leather boots when you can rock a rainboot or rubber footies made for situations like this. Contrary to the popular opinion of people, rainboots and rubber shoes can still be worn in a stylish and classy manner. All you need is to shop for the perfect rain shoes. The one that matches your clothes real good and won’t leave you worrying about your feet getting soaked or shoes getting spoilt as you move around. 

It is also necessary to add that your rain shoes also need some form of maintenance to ensure it lasts longer, looks great, and remains odourless all day. Expose your footwear to adequate air as often as possible. Since the weather isn’t sunny, it could take a longer period for your boots and other types of rain shoes to dry up totally. Drying them often eliminates bad smell and prevents moulds caused by moist environments. 

Long Sleeves/ Sweatshirt

Now isn’t the right time to rock those sleeveless chiffon shirts you love so much. As much as you need to protect yourself from the cold, you also need to wear clothes that keep you warm and smart all day. In fact, wearing a light fabric material on a rainy day makes your clothes transparent once it’s wet; this makes black clothes a prefered choice this season. You could have a sweatshirt in hand as a change of clothes if you happen to be drenched by the rain. Other types of long sleeves clothes in your corner could include your denim jacket, turtleneck, or a puffer jacket.


You need to step out right away but the rain doesn’t seem to stop already. You also can’t afford to hide your lovely appearance under some old fashion raincoat. Well, now you can get yourself a transparent raincoat. This is one of the most essential fashion items for the raining season that is a must-have. Now you can still effortlessly look pretty under the rain especially when its paired with appropriate rainboots.

An Umbrella

You shouldn’t see this as some kind of extra load, it’s actually more of a lifesaver. Get yourself an umbrella that suits you or one you won’t feel too embarrassed to carry around. Who even cares how ugly your umbrella looks when its raining cats and dogs. Umbrellas are made in different sizes, and designs so you should be able to find one that doesn’t look so bad. Our favourite is the pocket-sized umbrella which can fit into your handbag and you can pull it out once the rain begins. 


As much as I personally don’t fancy those transparent handbags, yes those glossy ones, they seem to be the best to rock this season. You really don’t want to go through the hassle of drying your bag outdoor after each use on a rainy day. Keep your leather bags safely for now and rock bags that can resist wetness. Furthermore, with this transparent rubber bag, whatever is kept in the bag wouldn’t get affected by the rain.

If you live or work in parts of the country where flood cases occur frequently you’ll need to be more intentional about what fashion items for the raining season are actually perfect for you. Your rainboots will shield your legs from getting in contact with harmful objects along your part. You could also have your flip flops with you as you can wash them more often without worrying about them getting spoilt so soon. Most people do not look forward to the raining season because of all the preparations and mindfulness that comes with the period. Well, the season is inevitable and the best thing to do is to find how to make things more bearable and prevent an interrupted schedule.