5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Launch in One Month.

5 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Launch in One Month.

In Nigeria today, one can’t afford to get comfortable with having a single stream of income. If there’s anything the arrival of the pandemic taught us, is that in the blink of an eye, one can go from having a well-paying job to being jobless. According to a news source, over the past five years, Nigeria’s economy has gone through two recessions which has quadrupled the country’s jobless rate. Shocking but true, Nigeria’s unemployment rate rises to 33% placing the country as the second-highest on the global list.

Whether you have a job or not, you need to scout for what profitable business ideas you can launch in no time and with little seed capital. Well, we’ve come up with this list for you. Interestingly, none of them is capital intensive and they do not require any elaborate preparation which makes it possible to get started in one month or less.

Delivery or Transportation

This might be the most capital intensive on this list. If you already have a vehicle you can use for this business then you are covered. However, if you do not own a car, you might not be able to kick off this business just yet, so keep reading till you find one or two other suitable and profitable business ideas on this list.

So many people are embracing online shopping and due to their busy lifestyle, many don’t have the time to visit brick and mortar stores. This brings about the need for delivery services. You can do this with a bike or car. If you own a car, you can run both your delivery business alongside cab-hailing. There are so many cab-hailing platforms in Nigeria, pick any and become a registered driver. Alternatively, join other cab drivers at populated places like airports or markets so that you can give passengers a smooth ride to their destination.


You really do not need some fancy massage parlour or luxury machines to start this business. You can start out this business as a mobile masseur/masseuse. Here’s how to go about this. Publicise your home service massage and get your clients to book you for a fee. As you expand, you can then purchase a professional massage table and start setting up your massage parlour in the best part of town. Also, you mustn’t rush to buy this equipment as there’s so much you must consider if you want to get value for your money down the line.

Fitness Training

With so many people sharing their fitness journey on social media, others are now motivated to take their physical health more seriously but are unsure of how to go about the whole thing. If you are a fitness enthusiast you can turn your love for exercise and healthy living into an income stream. All you need to do is to learn about the different body types and suitable workouts for them. Create a page where your audience can see what you do, show them your workout routines, and let them know that you can be their fitness trainer for a fee. The interesting part of this is that you can even train clients virtually. 

Fruit Juice and Smoothies Business

Living a healthy lifestyle is the new cool. There’s a high rise in the way people are paying attention to their health and diet. For this reason, you hear about things like the no soda challenge and more. Fruits are a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks or alcohol, so turn this into a business. Starting a fruit juice and smoothies business is one of the profitable business ideas you can go into without a huge capital. Watch as many videos as you can to learn all you need to make tasty and irresistible healthy drinks. Once you’ve acquired the knowledge, get the utensils and equipment you need like a fruit bowl, blender, fruit slicer, jug, and most importantly your juice extractor. Keep practising and in less than a month you can start getting orders and making money.

Hair Stylist

Earning a living while helping people achieve a clean look is something you might want to consider. To become a hairstylist in one month you need just two things. First, you need to get trained and next, you need your equipment. Get someone to show you the ropes and you are certain to get better at it if you keep practising and seeing what other stylists are doing.

That’s a wrap. There are several other profitable business ideas out there that you can venture into. All you need is commitment, an open mind, the willingness to learn and some funds.