Essential Handbags Every Lady Needs in Her Closet.

Essential Handbags Every Lady Needs in Her Closet.

As a lady, dressing up doesn't end with just your clothes sitting pretty on your body. It entails every other detail in between. Yes, details like your hair, jewellery, footwear, and handbag which is one of the most important items you really can't do without. Choosing the perfect handbag to rock is determined by several factors including, style and colour of clothes, occasion, time of the day, and the number of items you'll need to put into the bag. Apart from the regular items (phones, money, bank cards, keys, e.t.c.) we carry along every day, we sometimes need to carry a bag that can contain many more items. We want you to have a swell time while preparing to step out each day and stop being indecisive of which bag to rock. For this reason, we have put together a list of different types of handbags every lady needs in her closet. 

#1. The Working Black Bag

This type of back comes in very handy for virtually all purposes. You can wear it to work, casual hangouts, or anywhere. Just like it's vital for every lady to have a pair of black shoes, owning a working black bag is also a smart idea. With this bag, you can be free to wear whatever colour of clothes you want without bothering about the right colour of handbag to rock. Black never goes wrong. This bag is referred to as 'the working black bag' because it works more than most of the other bags you have. 

#2. Tote Bag

For times when you have really busy routines and love to carry essential items around, the tote bag will do the work. This is the ideal bag when you need to go out with your laptop, a book, phone charger, mini make-up purse, and more. It's usually made of a material like leather or fabrics like ankara and cotton. If you have a thing for DIY craft, you'll probably love to make one for yourself. 

#3. Shoulder Bag

These type of bags have handles that are just the perfect length to sit on your shoulder without any discomfort. They are of moderate sizes and to enjoy your bag, try not to stuff it with so many items. Also, select colours that can suit your clothes or just pick neutral colours.

#4. Clutch Purse 

When you need to show up at evening events, shows, or other ceremonial events, your clutch purse will come in handy. The clutch purse is always quite small and can house only a few items like your phone, cash/bank cards, handkerchiefs or wipes. Its handle is usually tiny and almost useless because it is best carried under the arm or in your palm. 

#5. Mini Side Bags/Cross Body Bags 

This is one of the most important types of handbags every lady needs. In fact, there's hardly any lady who hasn't found herself needing one. They are very comfortable to carry around casually especially for hangouts, evening strolls, visits, and impromptu outings. Since they are mini bags, they can only carry a few items. A mini side bag could also serve as a crossbody bag when you hang it across your shoulder. This is probably the most convenient way to rock these bags as they won't slide off your shoulder once put in position. 

#6. Bracelet Bag

This bag seems to be among the latest trends when it comes to bags. It is very fashionable and worn on the wrist just like a bracelet. The bracelet bag doesn't fit all occasions and should be worn on elegant dresses or special evening events and parties. Just like the clutch purse, it can carry only limited items but makes you look like a chic. 

#7. Backpack

There are so many fashionable backpacks out there that are suitable for ladies. With a backpack, there's so much more you can carry around like your laptop, clothes, books, and more. This bag goes perfectly with a t-shirt, a nice pair of jeans, and sneakers. 

#8. Sleepover Bag 

Otherwise called, 'the weekender bag'. You can't rule out those times when you need to pack a few things since you'll be gone for the weekend. A sleepover bag is an ideal bag to use on such weekends, sleepovers, or short trips. It should be able to take up to 3 change of clothes, makeup purse, shower items, and other essentials.

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