5 Fastest Selling Used Products in Nigeria.

5 Fastest Selling Used Products in Nigeria.

No matter how terrible people say the economy is, we really can’t stop ourselves from shopping- guess it’s just our nature as humans to get what we need, then prioritise our wants. Remember what you heard about having a side hustle? This could be that opportunity you need to earn some more money without really doing anything hectic. Just in case you are still confused about what items are the fastest selling used products in Nigeria, here are 5 categories of items you should try selling.

Fashion Collection

For many, good looks are absolutely non-negotiable so they go all out to purchase fashion items that will give them the outward look they desire. Under this category, there are a number of fashion items you could sell if you choose not to sell all types of fashion items. You could sell items for men, women, kids, wedding apparel or other accessories.

Computers and Electronics

Without any age or gender restriction, these items remain highly sort after by those who are technologically inclined and thirst to make use of nice and trending computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and other electronics.


Buying a new automobile could tear one’s pocket but did you know that in 2018 Nigeria was ranked 2nd in the importation of used cars from the US. This actually shows the high demand for secondhand cars in Nigeria and you should be taking advantage of that market space. You could specialise in the sale of motorcycles, cars, trucks, farm or luxury vehicles, or just be an all-round car-deals.


Everyone wants life to be easy so they opt for appliances that meet their needs and reduces stress on their part. For this reason, items like kitchen appliances, air-conditioners, and washing machines, sell really fast in this category.


Regardless of the location, be it at home, office, recreation areas or wherever, the presence of furniture and fittings is very essential for the purpose of convenience, relaxation, storage, or just aesthetic. This only shows how sort after these items are without forgetting that some people will only use their furniture for a while before it is due for a change because they desire a facelift or it no longer meets their need. Go ahead and sell quality furniture like sofas, office chairs, tables, storage cabinets, shelves, beds, and others you think are in high demand.

According to a piece written by Torinmo Salau, the title, ‘Bend down select; Nigeria’s high-end fashion gets the headlines but its secondhand market gets the customers’ appropriately explains how the recommerce industry operates. Think about low or middle-income earners, they obviously have to budget wisely to cater for both their wants and needs, you could help them meet those needs by being a seller of any of these fastest selling used products in Nigeria.