How to Celebrate Christmas During a Pandemic.

How to Celebrate Christmas During a Pandemic.

The presence of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way virtually everything in the world works - and the celebration of Christmas isn’t exempted. Some say that the year 2020 has dwelt with them brutally and with the loss of loved ones, jobs, and properties, there’s really nothing worth celebrating this year. In all honesty, it’s been a really tough year for many but there’s still a whole lot to be grateful for. Christmas is another beautiful opportunity to spread love, joy, and gladness to all those around us. With these tips on how to celebrate Christmas during a pandemic, you won’t have to totally cancel all those fun plans, surprises, and Christmas traditions. 

Safe Activities to Try Out as You Celebrate Christmas During a Pandemic.

Decorate Together

No other time of the year is as colourful as the Christmas seasons. With all the beautiful Christmas decorations available, you and your loved ones can light up your home. Depending on the design of your space as well as what areas you intend decorating, come up with a list of decorations you’ll love to have in your home. Head right down to the market to buy these items. Some of the must-have Christmas decorations that fit into virtually any space are your Christmas tree, light, socks, candles, tinsels, mistletoe, and more. You all can mount the Christmas tree and decorate it together, with some nice background music, cookies, stories, and laughter.

Watch Christmas Movies

This is another activity that helps you bond as a family or as friends while you all Celebrate Christmas during a pandemic. There are several Christmas movies out there and online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube have made this activity a lot easier. You could go back to watch some old Christmas classic movies, or find the most suitable among the long list of newly released Christmas movies.

Organise / Attend an Outdoor Event

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have to do away with those funny December concerts, shows, cinema dates, and the likes. However, you can attend other forms of outdoor events organised by you or your loved one. Some suitable outdoor events for this season include bonfire night, an outdoor family get-together, musical drive-in, and more.

Organise / Attend Small but Spacious Indoor Events

If you must attend an indoor event, ensure it is nothing large with visitors arriving in droves from far and near. Doing this largely exposes you to the virus as you can’t be sure of who already has the virus, who should be in quarantine after their trip, or those who do not maintain acceptable hygiene levels. Attend only events where you are sure that all attendees strictly abide by the precautionary measures set by the authorities. 

In addition, regardless of how small the indoor event is, the room must be spacious enough to ensure you all can maintain a certain level of physical distance. Furthermore, skip activities like welcome hugs, red carpet interactions, dropping personal properties like clothes, and bags together. Every visitor must hold on to their personal items to prevent them from mixing up with the properties of other guests. 

At every party, don’t forget to put in place some must-have items like the face mask, hand sanitizers, hand wash points, disposable plates/cups/cutlery, hand dryer, disposable napkins, and more. Also, disinfect the surface of your house from time to time during the event and prevent guests from getting into several rooms in your house. 

The list of fun activities to celebrate Christmas during a pandemic is by no means exhaustive and you can simply get creative about it. However, in all things you do, don’t forget that the Coronavirus disease is still very prevalent around the world. Therefore, abide by the necessary precautionary measures and guidelines for the holidays as set out by local and international bodies. 

You need to remember that you don’t need all the time in the world to make the best memories. All you need is making the most use of even the shortest time. We wish you happy holidays!