Here Are Five Reasons to Embrace Handmade Footwears.

Here Are Five Reasons to Embrace Handmade Footwears.

Are there any specific reasons why you find yourself buying more of machine-made shoes rather than the handmade footwear? Guess you haven’t given much thought to this. Handmade footwear are generally those shoes, slippers, or sandals painstakingly sewn by hand and completely handcrafted with every required detail in a workshop. It’s just like meeting a tailor to get our clothes made; we get to select our fabric, style, and accessories if we so desire. The same applies to handmade footwear. You are at liberty to select whatever concept you want, the sole, and every other thing that gives your footwear a more classy and personal feel. 

If you are yet to join the train of those who rock handmade footwear flawlessly, here are just five reasons to embrace bespoke shoes.

Choice of Material and Design

You can absolutely select what kind of material you’ll want to wear. Is it leather, suede, or fabric? Your shoemaker will be in the best position to advise you on what material is best for the type of footwear you intend to make. The option of choosing your own design makes so much sense because you are finally able to put on fashion items in the best way that expresses your personality or even the occasion. If you do not have a particular design concept in mind, speak with your shoemaker to show you samples and both of you can even draft out a perfect design to suit your needs.

Fit to Perfection

There are so many people out there who have bought footwear that is an inch smaller or bigger than their foot simply because they loved how the shoe looks on the outside. (I was once among this category of people.) This in itself yields discomfort but still gives some satisfaction that you are putting on a pair of pretty footwear you love. With handmade footwear, there’s never an issue of your shoe not fitting properly. No way. They are made to be your perfect size so they fit just right.


They aren’t mass-produced so there’s more concentration to make sure the end product is quality and durable. With the use of superior leather quality, your handmade footwear comes out really nice. You don’t have to deal with them peeling off, breaking up, or looking squeezed. When it comes to the finishing of handmade shoes, you can obviously tell the difference. They usually look really neat and tend to last longer as a result of how much carefulness was put into crafting them.

Affordable and Durable

In terms of price, handmade footwear is rather more expensive when compared to the factory-made ones. With all the efforts, mindfulness, and quality materials invested in crafting this type of footwear, you should expect it to cost a little more. But the impressive part of it all is that if you get them regardless of their cost, they last a lot longer than the other factory-made shoes. It’s always better to buy quality shoes that cost more, than to buy less expensive ones and have to replace them every other time.

Medical Needs

Some individuals react to certain materials when they come in contact with their skin. With handmade footwear, your shoes can be made based on your instructions and you can safely stay away from those material or things you are allergic to. For those who have sweaty feet, they can also get their shoes made bearing in mind their condition. They can also be guided on how to wear the shoes to make it last longer as well as how to care for it and ensure it doesn’t smell due to their condition.  

With handmade footwear, errors are very minimal and if there’s ever an error, the shoemakers do a brilliant job of creating a nice design from such errors. When all these and more are considered, it only makes all the sense in the world to go for this type of footwear that can be customised to your taste just for a one-time fee. We’ve got some fashionable handmade footwear for men here on, do check them out.