Best Practices When Using A Face Mask.

Best Practices When Using A Face Mask.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made the use of face masks necessary. In fact, it is compulsory in many climes. However, it is not enough to use a face mask; we must acquaint ourselves with the best practices when using a face mask. According to the WHO, the disease is spread through bodily contact or droplets when we exhale, sneeze, talk or cough. This is why social distancing is advised and face masks are useful in that they protect others from our droplets and they also protect us partially from the droplets of others. But the face mask can only protect us when we obey the best practices recommended to us by medical practitioners. This article will highlight the best practices when using a face mask, follow closely.

How to Don the Face Mask

The N95 respirator is the recommended face mask for medical practitioners and others taking care of patients. However, for the general public, the surgical mask is the safest while the cloth face mask is the least safe. Donning the face mask properly is important, no matter the type. Before donning the mask, make a slight indentation on the nose piece and then open it slightly as you don the face mask so the mask can sit properly on the bridge of your nose. When you have donned the mask, extend the mask over your mouth and chin and between your eyes to properly protect you.

Place the Face Mask Properly

The surgical mask has three layers and a lot of people don the mask inside out but this is very wrong. If the different layers carry different colours, it is easy to identify, so just follow the colour coordination. However, for a monochrome face mask, read the instruction to know what part of the face masks should be outside and the part that should be inside.

How to Remove the Face Mask

Knowing how to remove the face mask after use is also important in following the best practices when using a face mask. The front of the mask (the outer layer) most likely already contains all kinds of droplets that you don't want to risk touching. Remove the face mask by putting your hands in the ear loops and remove the mask face down then immediately dispose of it. Keep the mask away from your face and don't touch it. Wash your hands immediately or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

How to Wash the Face Mask

The best way to wash the face mask is to cover it with another cloth, so it doesn’t deteriorate. But make sure it is a light cloth, so the washing can be effective as well. You can buy a bunch, so you don't have to repeat your face mask and can afford to wash daily. Reusing an unwashed face mask defeats the purpose of protection for which you are using it.