Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Family and Friends.

Do Nigerians even do gifts? We know ourselves and it is not common to buy gifts in Nigeria, birthday gifts maybe but not for Christmas. However, the time to put an end to that culture has come. Gifts are a great way to let our loved ones know that they are special to us. Besides, if we didn’t have a reason to gift one another in the previous years, 2020 is a special year, a year unlike none other. The fact that we successfully scaled through is worth celebrating and one of the ways to celebrate one another is through exchanging gifts. But now that you know you should exchange gifts with your loved ones, you are probably faced with the dilemma of what to get them. Not to worry, that is what this post is for; to show you some of the best Christmas gift ideas to give your family and friends in 2020.

Female Christmas Gift Ideas 

It can be the most challenging thing to get gifts for women but all you have to do is know that women like to get something nice.


You can never go wrong with buying a woman a dress and most women love and wear dresses. So, if you can get her one in the type and colour she likes, you will be scoring major points with her. 


You are probably thinking that we are asking you to buy bone straight hair. No, we are not. There are cheaper quality wigs or weaves that you can gift a woman and she will be really grateful to you.


Bags are also something women love and they don’t mind them in different colours to rock for different occasions. 


You can also never go wrong with shoes, except you get her the wrong kinds or size. Knowing her and seeing the kind of shoes she wears should give you an idea of the kind of shoe to get her. 


Pieces of jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, wristwatches are good gifts to gift many women for any occasion. 

Male Christmas Gift Ideas 

A lot of people say men are difficult to shop for because some probably wonder what men will appreciate and sometimes, the price is the challenge. Hopefully, this list will inspire you on what to get the men in your life.


If you don’t know how he will feel about dressy shoes, you can go the safe way of sneakers. Many men like sneakers except you are gifting an older man, then you might need to get him something dressy. 


Men love wristwatches. For most men, this is a gift that you can never go wrong with. If you can afford it, you can get a smartwatch; if not, a traditional wristwatch is also a good idea. 

Sporty Accessories

A lot of men like sports and anything that is associated with their favourite sport is welcome. Jerseys are probably more popular in Nigeria; so you can get him a jersey of his favourite team.

Gaming Console

Getting him a gaming console to play with his guys is a very good idea. You don’t have to get a PS4 though if you can’t afford it. There are other cheaper gaming consoles.  


You know men love their t-shirts or shirts. Well, that’s practically all they wear, so getting one as a gift will be appreciated. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Children are mostly satisfied with toys and games or wristwatches. And if you are dealing with a child that likes to read, you can buy an age-appropriate book. 

In conclusion, remember that the post is just a guide; you don’t have to follow it strictly. Sometimes, the best gift is creating something that they will appreciate or getting them something they have been talking about the whole year and have not gotten around to buying. Gifts are not really about the price but about the heart behind it. So, yes, don’t break the bank, just think about making them happy and it will shine through in the gift you get them.