Safety Tips for Users of

Safety Tips for Users of

Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Even when internet theft, scam, and other fraudulent activities are on the rise, we can’t absolutely mark the internet as a red zone because it still has numerous benefits. We’ve highlighted these safety tips to ensure there are no cases of ‘had I known’ while using Follow through carefully! 

Protect Your Identity

Always ensure that any information you publicly display can’t put you at risk or expose you to cybercriminals. Since we are on a mission to achieve zero scam cases on our platform, you are only required to show your Voter’s Card or National ID Card, Proof of Address or Company Registration, Photo of Your Business/House Registration to our team at the point of registration. Be informed that these documents would not be publicly displayed and are not used for any other purpose apart from ensuring that you are real and we can vouch for you as a seller on our platform. 

Passwords and Privacy

Secure your account on by using a strong password that has a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Furthermore, passwords are meant to be private, do not disclose it to anyone regardless of how trusted they are. We don’t encourage you to use public devices when navigating our platform but if you ever have to do so, don’t forget to log out of your account and never autosave your password on such device. You can also make use of the browser’s incognito tab, it’s a lot safer.


The only payment method allowed on is through the Escrow system. This system protects buyers from losing both their money and items purchased since the system holds on to the money until a buyer has acknowledged that they have received the item in good condition. In simple terms, never make direct payment to a seller else we cannot protect you if you encounter any issues.

Meet Publicly

Never meet with a seller in a secret and lonely place. If you ever have to meet up with a seller, ensure its an area you know, and is a public place where you can get help if the worst arises.

Stay Vigilant

While we keep watch of your account and notify you of any strange activity, we expect you to also be actively involved in ensuring your safety.