6 Easy Leather Shoe Care Tips to Maintain the Quality.

6 Easy Leather Shoe Care Tips to Maintain the Quality.

To enjoy your leather shoe, you have to make sure to properly maintain it; if not you will be having a quickly damaged shoe in your hands. However, how do you maintain a leather shoe? By applying the leather shoe care tips outlined below. Let’s check them out.

Clean After Every Use

Clean your shoes after every use or before you wear them the next time. It doesn’t have to be a long process; just gently wiping with a shoe brush or soft fabric will suffice. It will wipe off the dust and restore the shine. 

Keep Them From Water and Moisture

Water is a bad idea for leather shoes; keep them completely away from water. For instance, don’t keep your shoe rack directly in the line of a window where rain can come in if you forget to close your window. And definitely don’t wear them out when it’s raining or snowing or even when it’s forecasted. You don’t want to be caught outside in the rain with a leather shoe.

You can also apply a waterproofing spray after every six months or thereabout, especially if you seem to get them wet often. However, please note that the best way to maintain your shoe’s quality is still naturally keeping them from getting wet. 

Polish After Every 6 Wear

Even though water is bad for leather materials, they can crack if too dry; so the magic is in finding a balance. That’s what shoe polish affords you; that balance. Shoe polish will provide the needed moisture that your shoe needs to keep it from drying off, keep it shining and also protect it from gathering dust. However, polishing after every 6 wear is enough as cleaning them after every use will suffice to keep it shiny until the next polish. 

Storing Your Shoe

Dust is bad for leather. So, leather shoes are best stored in a fabric shoe bag to keep them from getting dusty. On the other hand, they also need to breathe because if they get too hot, moisture can accumulate as well. This is why the fabric shoe bag is great for storing leather shoes. And when you place them in the bag, don’t keep them in a place where airflow is restricted. 

One of the important leather shoe care tips that is usually trivialised is using a shoe tree to store your shoe. The shoe tree keeps your shoe odourless and also absorbs the moisture in the shoe while maintaining the shape. The shoe tree - especially if it is made from cedar or poplar will prevent your shoe from creasing, thereby maintaining its quality and prolonging its lifespan. 

Drying the Shoe

While you have to do all you can to protect your shoe from getting wet, we all know that sometimes, we could be caught up in a rainfall that the weather forecast didn’t catch. In that case, pat the outside with a dry paper towel and put some on the inside to soak up the water. Then, dry them naturally in a place with good airflow but not direct sunlight. You shouldn’t apply an artificial dryer like a blow dryer or vent; that could be counterproductive. It could dry out your leather. 

Replace Sole when Necessary

Many times, the sole of the shoe wears out before the body. And for many of us, we will keep that going but that is not the best practice for taking care of your shoe. When the sole wears out, you can always replace it. This is because, by the time you let it get to the point where you start feeling things beneath your feet, the wear will eat into the body of your shoe, damaging the whole shoe. 

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