List of Sound System for Music Lovers Your Home Needs.

List of Sound System for Music Lovers Your Home Needs.

What is life without enjoying good music? Every television comes with its own inbuilt speaker; however, it’s just never enough if you truly want to experience the best sound quality from your music or movies. Here’s a list of high-end sound system for music lovers. Products listed below are affordable and most of them are currently available of

LG Home Theater LHD687

One of the reviews of a user of this product is, “I recommend to all music lovers all over the world. In fact even if you aren’t a music lover, the sound from this dual subwoofer would make you wanna play more”. This review says a whole lot about the LG Home Theater LHD687. The electronic appliance creates 4.2 channel sound with 1,250 watts of power resulting in an enjoyable listening experience. Its built-in dual subwoofers are positioned at the base of each speaker to amplify the bass in your space. In the area of connectivity, this sound system for music lovers allows you to connect and play music from other devices via Bluetooth. It also makes provision for connecting to devices like radio and DVD with the aid of USB, HDMI, and Aux cord. This speaker is compact, easy to install, setup, and use. You do not need to have an extremely large space to set up your LG Home Theater to acquire this speaker.

Sony Soundbar HT-SF150

Although small in size, this soundbar produces a great sound, especially when used to listen to TV shows. It has an output of 120 watts and you can easily mount this soundbar on a wall or place it in front of your TV. To connect your TV or other devices to this device you have various input ports like the HDMI ARC, USB, and optical jack (you’ll need to buy an HDMI cord as it doesn’t come with one.

It has a single wireless soundbar that produces rich sound and makes your music listening experience delightful. One of the things you’ll definitely love about this speaker is its ability to go off by itself after 20 minutes of inactivity. This helps you save power. You should note that this sound system for music lovers doesn’t have an AUX mini-jack so it limits the connectivity options for some devices. Overall, its slim design and smooth edges make it fit into any interior design you already have set up in your sitting room.

Samsung Soundbar HW-F350

This sound system has a wired soundbar and can’t be used over a wireless connection as it must also be connected to your TV via a wired connection. Its total power capacity is 120 watts with 2.1 channel sound and has a 1-way front speaker. The audio features of HW-F350 supports Dolby Digital 3D sound plus, and smart volume. You must be aware that this speaker was originally designed for 40” HDTV sets but is still very compatible with many other TV sizes. If you will enjoy using this sound system, use it with the subwoofer for better audio production. Additionally, its portability makes it a preferred choice if you have a small space and do not intend to have your speakers causing a nuisance.

Logitech Surround Speaker Z506

This isn’t a wireless speaker, meaning it doesn’t work on Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is very affordable and still gives you a great choice if you want a device that amplifies sound. It produces deep bass that fills your room and with 75 watts (RMS) power, you don’t need to increase the volume higher than 50% before you enjoy your music at the tempo you enjoy. Apart from being a suitable sound system for any music lover, Logitech Surround Speaker is a brilliant choice for gamers and when used without its surround sound, it produces 2.1 audio quality which isn’t so bad. Setting it up in your home is very easy as its wires are differentiated with colours. Unlike the other sound systems on this list, this devices has 5 attached speakers which all work together and the entire system is compatible with other devices like your smartphone, TV, DVD player and more.

Bose Wave SoundTouch

When it comes to music devices, Bose does an impressive job of creating sound systems for music lovers. On this list, this is probably the most expensive speaker so far. Its high cost is obviously a result of its functionality and high-end modern technological capability. To start with, it has a CD player for listening to disks and allows you to access your favourite radio stations. In one stereo unit, it has a receiver and speakers. Its size makes it a preferred choice for music lovers who do not intend to get anything big or flashy. You can also install the Bose app on your phone and easily use it as a remote control. With this sound system, be sure to enjoy good music as it fills your room.

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