Important Things to Know When Buying Used Clothes in Nigeria.

Important Things to Know When Buying Used Clothes in Nigeria.

When we say second-hand items, perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind is clothes. Of course, there are a lot of other great items with high resale value, but clothes are arguably the highest items you find in any thrift store. But we also cannot deny the fact that buying clothes, in general, can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things that one has to consider when buying clothes; but when buying used clothes or when buying used clothes in Nigeria, it is a different ball game entirely. With this, there is a need to properly open your eyes to make sure you are purchasing quality.

In case you are cringing at the use of quality when referring to buying used clothes in Nigeria, many Nigerians (especially the middle and lower classes) actually prefer to buy what we call Grade A used clothes because the new ones are in two categories; either it is too expensive or it is of poor quality. So, when you want to buy used clothes, you might as well buy the best. But what do you look out for when buying used clothes in Nigeria? This article will help you.


You are probably wondering why price is on the list; not to worry, we will explain. Used items are cheaper than quality new products, but they also differ in prices. In Nigeria, you probably already know that some new made in Nigeria or China products are even cheaper than certain Grade A wears but the latter has better quality than the former. So, while you are considering your pocket as the reason for going for used clothes, remember that they might also require a little more money than you envisaged. But not to discourage you, would you rather buy cheap clothing that will wear out in months or a slightly more expensive one that will last years?

Consider The Season

Buying used clothes is also about knowing when to buy. If you want to buy a type of clothing that is in demand during certain periods, it will be scarce and expensive. For instance, if you are trying to buy a sweater or jacket during the rainy or harmattan season, it will be expensive. So, it is better to buy it during the dry and hot season when it is not in demand.

Consider The Size

When you buy new clothings, you are aware of the country of production from the seller and the sizes are usually clearly stated. But it is not always the case with used clothing; you might get the right sizes or the sizes might have worn off. So, make sure it is the right size before purchase. If you are comfortable with trying everything before buying and the seller allows that, then it is great. If not, you might want to find a way to be sure you are getting your size, or at least, close to it. Also, consider that it is better to get a bigger size than a smaller one because you can have it resized.

Wear and Tear

While you will find a lot of gems in the thrift stores, there are also a lot of clothes that you shouldn’t consider and sometimes, you might be too excited that you will miss out on certain important things to check. Check the clothes for loose threads (especially at the edges), wears, tears, and stains (especially under the sleeves and the collar). Make sure to check every part of the clothing to be sure it has passed the “quality assurance” test before purchase.

Be Patient

You will need to have loads of patience to shop second-hand. You can find gems, but sometimes, it takes time. Check every reliable store, and check back again until you find what you want. Don’t give up yet or settle for less than what you want.

Be Open-Minded

Having said that you shouldn’t settle for less than what you want, keep your mind open. You might be looking for a flared skirt and see a classy pencil skirt or be looking for a particular colour and see something in another colour. Shopping second-hand is like digging for gold, keep an open mind, you just might find that gem where you least expect it.

Shopping for second-hand clothes can be quite overwhelming, but when you put all these in mind and try to have some fun, you will find it a lot easier.