Uses and Benefits of Vinegar As A Cleaning Agent.

Uses and Benefits of Vinegar As A Cleaning Agent.

Many people refer to vinegar as a magic solution because it is not only used to cook but it is also a powerful multipurpose cleaning agent. If you run a cleaning business or you are looking for the best cleaning agent to make your house sparkling clean, you should definitely consider applying some vinegar. There are so many uses and benefits of vinegar which many are not yet privy to, and so are not using vinegar to the best of its ability. The multipurpose nature of vinegar is two faceted in the sense that it is useful as both a cooking ingredient and a cleaning agent for various surfaces. Vinegar can be used to clean glass surfaces, faucets, countertops, shower and tubs, toilets, floors, appliances, and even to remove strong odour and stains from fabrics. But besides being a multipurpose cleaning agent, here are some other uses and benefits of vinegar:

It Can Be Used As A Disinfectant

One of the major uses and benefits of vinegar is the fact that it serves as a disinfectant. Vinegar is made with Acetic acid and the acidic nature dissolves all forms of dirt and kills bacteria. Especially in times like these when novel diseases are quite prevalent, it is very reasonable to make use of cleaning agents that can also act as a disinfecting solution. 

It Is Environmentally Friendly

Many cleaning agents are made of chemical substances that are toxic to the environment and results in adverse effects on our health and well-being when used frequently. However, vinegar is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, this explains why it has a pungent smell which is tolerable for a healthy cleaning agent.

Perfect For Laundry Purposes

Vinegar is not just useful for cleaning surfaces; it is also very good for laundry purposes. It can practically clean any stain on your clothes, including wine stains and the usual stain caused by perspiration in the underarm areas of certain light coloured cloths. It also prevents colour from washing off especially coloured fabrics and when it is added into the water for your final rinse, it removes soap residue from clothing.

It Is Very Useful for Killing Weeds

Weeds are breeding grounds for harmful creeping animals and insects. Therefore, it is important to remove weeds regularly as soon as they appear. Instead of using harmful weed killers, simply add vinegar to water and spray on the weeds and it will kill the weeds while keeping the environment safe and conducive for all.

Unclog Drains and Pipes

Kitchen drains and other pipes are likely to get clogged after a while and it will be difficult or impossible to use if it is not unclogged. Vinegar can be used to unclog drains and pipes by pouring it down the drain or pipe and flushing with cold water after about 30 minutes. On the other hand, it helps dissolve mineral and oil build-ups on kitchen utensils like the coffee maker or blender. You simply have to pour a teaspoon or two of vinegar in water and run it down the appliance to dissolve and drain out oil and mineral build-ups.
If you run a cleaning service or simply want to clean your home and you are yet to hear of vinegar or have been underestimating the power of this powerful cleaning agent, you are missing out on the magic it performs. Vinegar will always come to the rescue, especially for tough areas and surfaces that are hard to clean. There is a reason it is known as a magic solution. It is not only useful as a cleaning agent; vinegar practically has it all, it is inexpensive, environmentally safe, and also kills bacteria.