mercury 2.4kva/24v inverter


MERCURY 2.4KVA Inverter with digital display(24V) is a beautifully constructed product by Mercury. Monitoring the running of your Mercury 2.4kva inverter would not have being easy without the help of the LCD display that shows how the system is running. Now you can manage your batteries better, for instance, easily knowing when they have discharged to your target recharge level. The Mercury Radiant modified sine wave inverter range offers the unique value of delivering quality performance at a low purchase cost. This low-priced but dependable inverter has provided a cheaper access window to inverters. That has enabled more homes and offices to enjoy the benefits of a top quality, reliable inverter, without breaking the bank.LCD Display - Now, the 2.4kva (2400VA) / 24V Mercury inverter has added some extra bang! It not only got an upgrade for even more robust performance but now parades an LCD monitoring screen. What that means is that the user is now able to easily keep track of the functioning of the equipment. Critical status information is now displayed digitally on the LCD screen. Battery discharge, for instance, can now be monitored, enabling the user to decide when to protect the battery from low discharge levels that can shorten battery life.

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mercury 2.4kva/24v inverter

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