Tips for Choosing The Perfect Unisex Sneakers for You.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Unisex Sneakers for You.

Sneakers, while retaining their use as athletic shoes, are now largely used as a fashion statement. Many fashion-savvy people might convince you that all you need to choose the perfect sneakers for you are the brand and whether it is fashionable or not. But is that all there is to buy a pair of sneakers? Surely not. There are other factors to consider before buying sneakers; especially when they are unisex sneakers. If you follow fashion trends these days, you will notice that the lines between male and female fashion are gradually getting blurred. For sneakers, it is even much more blurred as most of them are unisex but you will still want to make sure that you get the perfect sneakers for you. And these tips for choosing the perfect unisex sneakers will help you.

Determine the Purpose 

As we earlier stated, sneakers are largely used as everyday casual wear these days but they were originally athletic shoes and they still retain their original purpose while serving as a fashion statement as well. So, if you are an athlete or gym buff, and you need sneakers for sporting activities or the gym, you will have to consider sneakers that will serve that purpose as against someone who needs the sneakers for everyday casual wear. If it is for the former, ensure to focus on sneakers that are sturdy and provide support for your ankles. 

Determine the Fit

You can only enjoy your footwear if you are comfortable in them and shoes that are too big or too small will never be comfortable. While most people know their shoe size; that is not enough to buy sneakers. You need to try them to be sure they fit. This is because the sizes differ based on the manufacturer. For instance, size 40 in Adidas might be bigger or smaller than size 40 in Nike. So, if you only know your size based on one brand, you might miss it if you get that same size in another brand. Also, make sure to try out both feet because each foot might be different sizes, so you want to be sure both sizes fit and are comfortable. 
It is important, however, to leave a little room to wiggle your toes; there should be enough space between your longest toe tip and the shoe tip. You can test this by putting a thumb between your heel and the shoe back; this is to ensure there is a little room for when your feet swell and for extra comfort, especially during exercise. On the other hand, don’t be one of those who fall into the trap of buying sneakers one size-too-small thinking the shoe will expand; it might never expand or at least, take years to.

Try the Sneakers As You Will Wear It

You are planning to use the sneakers, so what is the point of buying one that fits in the store but is uncomfortable at other times? This is the reason it is important to try it as you will wear it. Will you wear it with socks or shoe pads? Take them along to the store and test how the sneakers feel with them on? That is the true test of how you will feel wearing them. 

Shop Later In the Day

Our feet swell after a long day and you don’t want to compound a tiring day with uncomfortable shoes. When you shop later in the day, you can ensure you buy one that is comfortable throughout the day and even after your feet swell. 

In conclusion, don’t shop for your sneakers when you are in a hurry because you might not have the time to make sure to pick the perfect fit for you. While sneakers are a great fashion statement, comfort is also important. Imagine missing out on these two important factors because you were not patient enough. So, be patient and employ these tips and you will find yourself with the perfect unisex sneakers any time you shop for one.