Spot a Fake YSL Handbag with These Tips.

Spot a Fake YSL Handbag with These Tips.

With the presence of those who are merely interested in money-making and the sale of counterfeit items, finding a fake YSL handbag is quite common. As prevalent as it is, most innocent customers are deceived into buying a fake one (especially those who are new to the product). The YSL brand which is known in full as Yves Saint Laurent is a luxury fashion brand that produces ready-to-wear products, leather goods, shoes, and jewellery. Brands like this create their products with certain groups of customers in mind who they believe can afford it. However, in a bid to get a share of the brand’s market, some individuals replicate their products and sell at same or cheaper prices.

Although they are really pricey, it’s safe to say that buying an original YSL handbag is an investment. We can’t agree more with the founder of this brand who once said: “'Fashions fade, style is eternal”. Rocking an original product not only boosts your self-confidence but also gives a sense of fulfilment within. Be aware that if you get a good buy and you maintain your bag properly you can use it for a long time or even resell it in future to get some money off it.

The sale of YSL handbags in the market is a menace that concerns everyone and needs to be addressed urgently. So to help you spot a fake YSL handbag at a glance we’ve put out this article for you. Let’s get the bad guys off the market.

Scanty Tassel

Some of the YSL handbags come with a tassel that is usually the same colour as the bag. You’ll notice that a fake YSL handbag has a really scanty tassel attached to it which is made out of a funny looking thread that easily loosens up. An original bag should have a full and fluffy tassel which is manufactured with neat and quality thread.


The YSL logo is a significant part of bags made by this brand. You will only expect that their logo should come out looking its best since it is even one of the most conspicuous feature of the bag. When it comes to the logo, ensure you check that it is made with quality gold to prevent it from fading away. A fake YSL handbag will have the letters in the logo placed wrongly which gives it a funny look.

No Imprint of Brand’s Name

It is normal to find the brand’s full name imprinted on the inner parts of the bag. You should be wary if this is wrongly spelt or written in a font different from that used by the brand. Also, check the neatness of the imprint as well as the exact spots in the interior where you can find the imprints.

Quality Material

The leather of a fake YSL handbag is bound to start peeling sooner than expected due to the inferior material used in manufacturing it. As a luxury brand, YSL makes use of only quality leather which is usually soft to touch, smooth, and wrinkle-free. You mustn’t notice folds on the bag or any sort of dent. Besides, must of their bags have a chain and small portion of leather which serves as the handle. The chain must not look like one that can cut at the slightest pull or fade away too soon. 

Bag Stitches

An original YSL handbag has a really neat finishing. All stitches on the bag are neat and on a single line. However, in some fake products, you are likely to find double stitches that spoil the general look of the bag.

Just before we go, we advise that if you can't afford a luxury bag it's better you save towards purchasing it or go for other brands and sizes you can afford.