How to Get Rid of Ants in Laptops Before They Cause Further Damage.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Laptops Before They Cause Further Damage.

Making your laptop last longer involves a combination of things you might not give much thought to. Things like avoiding and getting rid of ants in laptops. Seeing ants walk out of your devices every now and then while in use is a really annoying sight. This problem is mostly neglected by laptop owners and it could hurt your device badly. Some others go ahead looking for solutions which might actually not work or cause more damage. In this article, we’ll help you find out how they got there in the first place, how to get rid of them, and how to avoid any future occurrence of ants in laptops.

How Ants Get Into Your Laptop

If you already experience ants in your laptop like I once did, let’s help you trace how they got there initially. Most people who face this issue with their devices (phones, laptops, printers, e.t.c.) have the habit of eating while using those devices or storing edible substances close by. Once food debris comes in contact with your keyboard, they somehow get into the internal parts which then starts to attract the ants. The ants nest inside the laptop and keep multiplying. In no time, they could get electrocuted and eventually die in there. Ants have a way of sensing their dead ones and understand how the scent of dead ants affect their entire colony. At this point they get self-defensive and in order save themselves and get rid of their dead, more ants walk into your laptop. This series of action then becomes repetitive.

How To Get Rid of and Avoid Ants in Your Laptop

Eat Far Away From Your Laptop

Food particles don’t really have to fall on your laptop for you to start experiencing this problem. It can actually begin with you pressing your keyboard with unwashed hands after eating sweet things. You might not see them but the leftovers on the keyboard begin to attract the ants. A single contact with food can be the beginning of this problem so help up yourself by reducing the contact food has with your devices.

But what do you do when you are hungry but have deadlines to meet and taking a meal break seems like a luxury. We suggest that you just take a break. A few minutes of eating away from your laptop can save you the damage caused by ants in laptops or the cost of fixing your device if issues arise. 

Keep Your Laptop in An Ant-Free Zone

There’s really no way to get rid of ants in laptops if you store it in places these ants have taken over. You must keep your room, study or work areas clean and if possible far from food/sweet substances. Your laptop bag is one place that you always want to keep neat and food-free. No matter how you try to take out ant in laptops, you’ll be wasting your time if you store them away in certain conditions.  

Vacuum Clean the Laptop

You sure read that right. Vacuum cleaning your laptop is an effective way to suck out ants from your laptop. Although this method might not impact ants nesting deep inside your laptop, it does a great job of eradicating a number of them. To get this done, attach a piece of cleaning wipes to the intake port of your vacuum cleaner then turn it on. Move the intake port around your laptop to make contact with areas like your keyboard, the various ports, ventilation area, and any other visible opening. 

Clean the Interior of Your Laptop

This is the most effective way of getting rid of all ants in laptops. However, the complexity and fragileness of a laptop’s interior makes it a route you must thread with absolute caution. It is advisable to get a computer hardware professional to dismantle and clean up the interior parts of your laptop. The amount of money you’ll pay them is obviously less than replacing a damaged part or spoilt PC. If you are not sure of your ability to pull a DIY stunt in this aspect, remember that its always better safe than sorry.

There are many other traditional and chemical means of getting rid of ants in laptops. Some are more effective than others while some are also more likely to put your device at a greater risk. These methods highlighted above have proven effective but to prevent any of these hassles, keep food far away from your laptop and other gadgets. Would you love you get yourself a functional laptop for less or any computer accessories? Visit the #1 marketplace for new and used products in Nigeria.