Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About

It’s not one of those undergraduate courses that get you screaming for help at the top of your voice, neither will it ever get you feeling like you just might give up real soon. Using to sell or buy quality and affordable used products is easier than you think. Come along to find answers to those frequently asked questions about


Tell me more about How is it different from other online shopping platforms? is a new and unique re-commerce marketplace to buy, sell, or giveaway quality used items. Here’s what differentiates us from other shopping platforms: we resell only used items, to eliminate scam or fraudulent activities, we make use of Escrow system which is a controlled payment platform. Furthermore, all Sellers on the platform are verified and their products are inspected before approval is given to upload the items. Purchasing an item on secures both Sellers and Buyers from start to finish.

Is the use of free?

Yes, it is! The use of does not attract any fees. However, Sellers are charged a commission of 3% on the price of items sold on our platform while buyers will only have to pay the price of a product plus any shipping cost (if applicable). 

Safety on

Is Safe?
Absolutely! We use bank-level security to ensure that every transaction is safe. All data collected on our platform are protected and not used for any other purpose asides from why it was collected. See our privacy policy.

What is Buyer Protection and how does it work?
This safety provision was created to detect fraudulent activities on and protect all our users. At the point of registration, all intending Sellers are vetted and verified before they can enlist their items for sale. Our Escrow system allows a Buyer to acknowledge the reception of a purchased item and upon confirmation, the payment is relayed to the Seller within 48 hours.

Becoming a User (Seller and Shopper)

How can I be a part of

After signing up, you are immediately eligible to purchase an item; Sellers are expected to tender the requested documents to get verified to sell items on To receive financial rewards which will be based on commissions and bonuses, you can become one of our Field Marketers. Send your application to

How do I sign-up?

You can sign-up on by clicking on the ‘Register’ link at the top-right of our Website or Mobile App. Fill in your details and confirm that you are human and not a bot.

How do I open a Seller account?

Once you’re a registered user on, you can then become a Seller by clicking on ‘Sell Now’, go ahead and input your information, then submit the required credentials to help you get verified.

What credentials do I need to become a Seller on

A Seller will need to provide Certificate of Incorporation (if it’s a registered business), proof of official address (utility bill), and a valid means of identity (Voter’s Card, National I.D Card, or International Passport).

Using the Platform

How do I purchase an Item?

Select your desired item, check the images, read the description carefully for more details about the item then click on 'Add to Cart'. Proceed to make payment and choose any convenient payment method available on the platform.

How do I make payment for an item?

Once you are set to purchase an item after it has been added to cart, ‘Continue to Checkout” and confirm shipping options as well as the details of the Seller. ‘Continue to Payment’ and choose which of the options you prefer. 

What payment options are available on 

We have several payment options including the use of E-Wallet, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and more. Choose your preferred method for easy transactions.

Kindly call 08143738901 for support if you need immediate attention or send an email to That’s not all, read more frequently asked questions about here and reach out to us if you need support from our team.