5 Tips to Fix Your Water-Damaged Smartphone

5 Tips to Fix Your Water-Damaged Smartphone

Watching your phone drop in water can be a scary experience, especially when it’s an expensive phone, although it has been done. But the truth is that most of us become scared because we don’t know what to do when our phone falls into the water.

Well, I have good news for you. Modern phones are waterproof, but for non-waterproof phones, there are methods that can be used to restore the phone back to normal only if these are done correctly.

Here are 5 Tips to Fix Your Water-Damaged Smartphone.

  1. Take Your Phone Out Quickly: Reacting fast is the key to your phone’s survival. Firstly, it’s advisable not to leave your smartphone in the water for too long so that the water does not have to reach the vulnerable parts of the phone. After that, switch off the phone immediately even if it is still working because any wrong move can cause more damage, which may completely spoil your phone.

    Before moving to the next tips let’s fully spell out things you should not do when your phone falls into the water

    a.) Don’t plug the phone to charge: Plugging your phone to charge after falling into water can be your greatest mistake which can completely damage your phone. Your phone switching off after falling into water can be a result of water affecting the mainboard and not a result of a low battery. (b) Switching on the phone can create a spark that can electrocute the circuit board and damage the electrical components of the phone. (c) Don’t use a hairdryer to dry out the phone.( d) Avoid stressing or moving the phone around too much.
  2. Use A Vacuum Cleaner to Suck the Water: You can make use of a vacuum cleaner to suck out water from the parts that can not be accessed easily with a towel or anything to clean the water. It is imperative to be very careful when using a vacuum cleaner in order not to cause damage to it.
  3. Disassemble the phone: This is a crucial step that needs to be taken. Every removable part of the phone, including the SIM card, battery, and SD card, should be removed. After removing them spread them in a safe place where they can dry easily.

           When doing this, be very careful in order not to forcefully remove what you are not meant to remove which can also cause               further damage. It is better to leave something you are not sure about than to cause further damage.

        4. Drown your phone in rice: When a phone is dropped in water and won't turn on, rice is thought to be particularly effective at              absorbing moisture.  Placing  your  phone in a bag of rice is the next thing you should try. For two to three days, you should               soak your phone in rice. Take it outside after that and try turning it on. I'm hoping it will succeed. Verify the functionality of                  all components, including the screen, battery, and SIM card. Watch for any unusual conduct. If you see anything like that,                   consult a specialist.

         5. Get an expert phone engineer to repair: When you have tried all the tips mentioned above and nothing works, it is advisable              to take the phone to a phone engineer or to an authorized repair center like Carlcare service center.