Is Buying a Juice Extractor Worth It?

Is Buying a Juice Extractor Worth It?

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins. Some of their numerous functions are to boost our immunity, repair body tissues, and act as antioxidants. Since they have low calories or fat, they are an ideal addition to the meals of weight watchers and other fitness enthusiasts. Using your favourite fruits and vegetables to prepare healthy juices is a brilliant way of adding some vitamins to your diet. To prepare many of the most popular and easy to make juices you’ll need to buy a juice extractor. But you are still unsure if investing in this household appliance is worth it and won’t become a waste soon. 

Buying a juice extractor is indeed a worthy choice if you find yourself longing for homemade fruit juice or often buying your favourite juice from vendors and others who mass produce it. Apart from the fact that you can’t be certain about the hygiene condition of the environment in which the juice is produced, you also don’t know how fresh or stale the fruits or vegetables were before they were processed. If this is a major concern for you, then you should consider buying a juice extractor and processing your fruit juice by yourself. Doing this helps to prevent illnesses like diarrhoea, typhoid, and other health issues. Also, you get to save cost when you make your drink yourself as you can process more and refrigerate for later consumption.

Beware of These Before Buying A Juice Extractor


Before heading to the store where you’ll be buying a juice extractor from, you must first identify what type of juice extractor you need to get. Do you want to simply make citrus juice, some green juice with fresh leafy vegetables, or use fruits like apples, pineapples, dates, tiger nuts, carrots, and other fruits? 

Knowing the type of fruit or vegetable juice you’ll love to make often will help you decide what type of juice extractor to buy. Some of the most common types of juice extractors are the centrifugal, masticating, juice press, and twin-gear juice extractors. However, there are other manual types that you can use without electricity but require more effort to extract very little juice. You must also know that there’s a world of difference between a juice extractor and a juicer. While a juice extractor squeezes the pulp of the fruit/vegetable until all the fruit is removed, a juicer operates at a high speed with smaller blades as it chops up all the fruits and vegetables into what later becomes the juice.


Consuming fruits and vegetables is a healthy and beneficial lifestyle but a really expensive one. Be prepared to spend much money on shopping for your favourite fruits even after buying a juice extractor. Bearing this in mind, you have the options of spending a minimal amount of money on acquiring the machine you need for basic juice extraction, or going all out to get one that is more effective, durable, and can produce more juice. 

Deciding the ideal price of a juice extractor for your kitchen shouldn’t get you into many thoughts. Remember that for items like this, the price and product quality go hand in hand. With a low budget, you can check out some cheaper alternatives while high-end products will be your best bet if you have the budget for it or intend to use the appliance very often and for producing juice in large quantities.


Just like phones and other devices, it is only normal for you to have some specifications and features you are looking out for when buying a juice extractor. Be intentional about what features are a must-have for you. Find out the pros and cons of every available option you are considering. If you will be using the product with an alternative source of power supply (generators, solar inverters, etc) be sure of the right voltage to go for. 


For those who don’t necessarily enjoy the task of cleaning up the kitchen, you might need to pay more attention to this. Cleaning up your juice extractor is an important part of the juice-making process. With that said, this task shouldn’t be one that brings you to tears each time. Cleaning up the machine is one of the several things to note before buying a juice extractor else you’ll discover that you never or hardly make juices because you don’t look forward to cleaning things up.


You aren’t going to be the first to buy that product so why not learn from those that have gone ahead of you? Reading online reviews of different juice extractors is a great way to get heads up before being stuck with a product that doesn’t serve your purpose or stresses you out. From these reviews, you can decipher how the product works, what peculiar problem users of the problem always encounter, how to fix minor issues that could possibly come up, as well as some of the other points highlighted above.

Little things like all that has been listed here end up becoming a big deal if you buy a juice extractor that doesn’t serve your purpose. Would you love to get a juice extractor from today? Head right to our shop now. If you had a great read, be generous enough to share our article with your friends and we’ll interact with you if you leave us a comment.